Deadpost Curation #3 (30+ HIVE pool for undervalued old posts)

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The Deadpost Initiative is a chance to reward under rewarded content from the past while making friends and building stronger community ties. We crosspost in the community and the most undervalued posts get a prize and some recognition. This is not just about being rewarded for good material, it’s about getting to know each other too.

Join the Deadpost Initiative Communtiy

Week 2

I was a bit negligent this week, I didn't upvote anyones posts and I'm sorry for that. To be honest I was expected a bit more engagement from ab it more people and on top of that I'm doing an internet semi-fast during the day time in order to finish my novel and focus on finding students.

That said I will make time for the deadpost this week either during my lunch breaks or in the evening, and I'll be giving a lot more upvotes, please try to help spread this so it grows, I want to give hive to lots of people.

Week 2 Great Deadposts


###Living A Mindful Life Using Leave-No-Trace Principles

@notconvinced combines a bunch of different schools of thought and movements that combine to make a great new way forward for humanity. I'm with him. I feel like a lot of people are.

Prize:8 HIVE


###"I Can't Take You Anywhere" (originally titled “Auto Bodhi: Daily Loop #2”) VIDEO

@autobodhi is quickly becoming one of my favorite hive music projects. Their (Shookriya and Robot) videos are awesome but so are the looped live recordings like this one. Hopefully seeing some great artists here will convince others to join too :-D

Prize: 8 Hive


###I'm Not Using Time Travel to Win Steemit Contests!

@holovision is apparently from the future. That's why he keeps winning this contest. I wonder if we should call him out for cheating....I'm more interested in knowing how he made Trump president...

Prize:8 Hive


###Showcase-sunday - Museless

A nice poem for @ange.nkuru. Looking forward to reading more in the future.

Prize: 3 Hive


What killed my Dad

@shemzy wrote about their father. Sometimes you can learn a lot from your parents, not only from what they teach you, but also from what they show you NOT to be. Nice post, next time use the "cross post in" on your original post and choose the deadpost initiative community.

Prize:3 Hive

Week 3

Fewer participants than I hoped but good quality posts....This week I'm going to ask you to reshare this post because we really need to get the word out. I will feel much better about the future of this initiative if we can get 10 participants per week. I want to hire some curators but I'm not going to until we get some momentum going!

If you know someone who is still struggling here and has decent material, please share this post with them too.


  • original post must have less than a $3 payout. If there were fewer than 3 sincere comments on the post, $5 posts will be acceptable.
  • crossposts must be posted in The Deadpost Initiatve Community
  • Only crossposts will be accepted. Feel free to leave any extra information in the comment section.
  • Reshare this post.

Deadline for Week 1 is April 27!

Feel free to link your posts in the comment section here

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Thanks for your efforts and generosity. Most of my followers are long gone, but I'll be glad to publish a few articles about the project to garner recognition.😀

Try inviting them back! That's what I'm doing. Seems Vincent got one or two to come back already

Nice, I wonder if offering an incentive for people to cross-post quality old content of dormant followers, blowing up their notifications and returning to respectable rewards to claim will further this initiative?

That would be awesome.

Thank you for overlooking my last mistake. I appreciate. Thanks for the price as well and congratulation especially @holovision

Thanks very much for the kind words my friend. Me and shook (also me) are going to keep pushing our creative envelope.

Also I’m really trying to get my buddy to start posting on here. I made him an account under the pretext of getting him setup to play exode when it starts, but he’s a killin musician. Any advice on how to get him to start? He... lacks motivation.

So many reasons to start out here...

A sense of freedom, another chance and place to share your creativity with the world ( and to be motivated to create more ), getting feedback and growing, meeting and connecting with like minded people all over the world, making money outside the 'system' and so on and so forth.

I hope you get your friend on board.

Yeah, it would be really good for him right now too. I’m gonna push him a bit.

Cool! It's also a great opportunity to invest not just time but also some money in Hive, I believe. The early days.

Yeah, i agree. Unfortunately i also thought that when steem was at 3 dollars. Every time i think ive made back my investment the price seems to drop lower 💩

The current major rise of the Hive price might help to convince him. Although he probably wished he arrived a little earlier ;<)

What a trip huh?

It's a true roller coaster ride.

I've reblogged the contest post and cross posted another one of my classic TV deadposts from 2018.

That's all I can say at this time. :-)

Still a great initiative, half alive or not ;>)

It takes times and effort to get people from Stem to Hive or inactive to active but in the end it's all about persistence and energy paired with enthusiasm.

I will rehive this and see with whom I can share it personally.

Keep up the good work my friend.

P.S. I guess that, at the end of this post, it's supposed to say:

"Deadline for Week 3 is April 27?"

P.P.S. I am also trying to micro dose my Internet use a little more, so I can actually be energized and more productive when I am active.