UFM Power Up Contest #2

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Power Up Contest:

This one will be slightly different than our last power up contest. For every 250 UFM powered up over the next 6 days, that user will receive 1 share in Steem Basic Income. There will be no cap on the amount of shares you can earn. Post your screenshots of your power ups below and you will receive your share(s).


  • You must screenshot your power up and post it below in the comments.
  • Minimum 250 UFM powered up to receive a share.
  • No cap limit. (2500 UFM Powered up receives 10 shares.)
  • Only UFM powered up after this post was created counts towards the contest.
  • Contest ends 6 days after this post was created.
  • You can claim shares multiple times through the duration of the contest.

    You can get UFM pretty cheap on the market right now to go towards this contest.

UFMBOT (Unrelated To Contest)

It is currently way more profitable to use @ufmbot to upvote one of your posts than it is to sell UFM on the market. Plus using @ufmbot reduces supply of UFM for everyone.

More STEEM and reducing UFM supply... Using @ufmbot instead of the market right now makes sense.

The UpFundMe tribe is supported (in part) by TaskManager Promotion Service and also the witness @untersatz. Click here to upvote this witness.


Can I ask a silly question - when I go looking at my history of UFM on Steem-Engine, I'm seeing the UFM I received, but it doesn't say that I staked it up or not (it shows a 0 UFM balance after I staked it, but you don't know if I staked it or sold it that way). So how do I pull up my history of days showing a total amount of staking once I reach 250? If I go to the rocks explorer thing, it would show allllllllll my transactions over those days. Is the only way to go in to that and snip all the lines that are about UFM, or is there an easier way to do it?
Thanks for any help. :)

Unfortunately there is no easy way that I know of. The easiest is to use the find tool for your browser and search UFM on your rocks explorer. It would be easier to save up and stake at once for this contest, but hindsight is 20/20.

I did some counting, you need about 50 more staked to get 250. This should do it !UFM 50

Edit: Oops, 25 UFM is the cap for what can be sent

Aw, thanks for the addition! I just powered it up. :D

You have received UFM in your wallet!
You can use UFM for posting and curating content on https://upfund.me or to get a vote from @ufmbot.

Thank you for supporting @CatsMakeKittens by being a part of our community @upfundme.

Each CATS you purchase gets you daily upvotes from me @CatScientist as our community grows so do your rewards for being a member!

Time to power up! I hope this is the first of many!

Confirmed, 1 share purchased.

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Another 250 in the pot!

Another share purchased

My first Power Up : 250 UFM .

Steem Engine - Smart Contracts on the STEEM blockchain.png

Confirmed and share purchased. Welcome to the tribe.


Confirmed and 3 shares purchased!


Ah well, maybe next time! I am new to UFM and just bought and staked about 300 tokens in one swift operation... didn't realize this was going on.

Either way, nice that you do this for the community!

Oh it's not too late, I'll post the screenshot for you.


Your stake is confirmed and your share purchased.

Just staked 5000 don't mind getting some more ufm instead of the spi. Dont mind either way

The next power up contest will likely be doubling like the first power up contest.

That's quite the stake, 20 SBI shares purchased!

Thank you. Could you give incentive to people that stake and down power down. Like a small bonus probably give people a reason to just stake and hold

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Confirmed and share purchased

Confirmed and share purchased

Thanks for the cool contest! Have just powered up 500 UFM.

Confirmed and shares purchased

Another Powerup!

Another share purchased.

250 staked.


Share purchased

This giveaway is now closed

I did another 250 today, Hope I am not to late.

I'll count it, share purchased


Oops, missed this post somehow. Anyway, it was a busy week for me and I just bumped into this post after powering up today. In the hindsight, I should have waited for the next contest to power up 😜

500 staked! Could I get my fabulous prize for @bwar please?


Confirmed and 2 shares for @bwar

Two shares purchased.

Share purchased

2 more shares purchased

6 more shares!