'switch up the beat!!!!' [ conclusion to the jam - Round 86 ] 白蚁.

in contest •  10 months ago 


Worldwide Cypher Jam Round 86!!!!!!


... Blessing up my beat for Round 86 was one of my favourite steemians ...


Nuff respect to all who support this and get the vibe!!!
Big up!!!


... Here is the 'thing' from the Round 86 post.

So ... the 9.621 STEEM from the original beat post goes to ...
... wait for it! ...
Top freestyle vibes, top delivery!!! I feel blessed to jam with you!!
Good to have you back on the jam bro!!!! This was toooo good!!!




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Awh yeah man. Thank you for the love @termitemusic. I got my mind focused on writing again so these cyphers really help me work on the art.

Always love your content from this to the live shows you do amazing things on here brother truly.

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Big up bro!!! appreciate it man!!!!

I slid you those tokens bro. They're currently worth 1 Steem a piece... So if we can get rich for our music bruh we're in there

cool! where they at? what wallet? Also gimme a link to explain it so I can put that on the cypher post

Go to steem-engine.com and check the Museician Bridge token... its a little more explained here...


how many you wanna give for this wwcj round?!

I was just thinking theyre selling for 10 Steem a piece... So use your judgement... 10-20?

Yeah he does.

So I created my own Steem token... If I drop you a bunch would you run your contest using the token? Save the Steem for yourself or in addition to? I'm just trying to make moves brother...and have you up here with me. I haven't been that active musically but that's all about to change shortly. Big ups homie.

Yeah man!! Thats dope!! can def add to the prizefund!! You can give it straight to the winner if you want to? Museician yeah?

I gave it to you already

I'm just saying once you run through it we can work out additional. Glad I can participate.