Draw and Painting Contest with AI Gaugan | Concurso de Desenho e Pintura com IA Gaugan

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Draw and Painting Contest with AI

The Gaugan Contest on Steemit Nr. 0

I'm @steemean (Jimbo) , I'm six years old and I asked my father to help me to write my idea for a contest on Steemit.
It took two weeks for me to write it in Portuguese and my father made it in English.
Make Art with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

This a Contest for 10 weeks and rounds, starting now.

1 - Go to Nvidia Gaugan and be an artist with AI

2 - Publish one original draw per post and one or more resulting paintings made by AI Gaugan

3-The posts must have the tag #gaugan, and if you want the tag #contest
The tag #gaugan must be before the fifth position to work on Steemit

4- The post must be published until 11:45 PM - Western European Time (WET) every Sunday.

I will choose and announce the winner in a max of days after the post is closed on the seventh day.

The winner gets:

  • All the steem rewards of the contest post;
  • One SBI unit (@steembasicincome);
  • 5 CC (Creative coins);
  • 1 PAL coin (Palnet);
  • My vote for 5 posts made by the winner . (1,941 SP)

Please help this contest, delegate to @steemean, donate Steem for the winner of the contest, or vote or resteem this post.

Thanks to @fraenk of @goglyeyes for the help and the contest idea, to @brickmanbrad and others for the support, and to my father for helping to write my ideas.

Please my friend @brickmanbrad start a Lego Contest on Steemit.!!!
Steemit needs more contests

Concurso de Desenho e Pintura com IA

O Concurso Gaugan no Steemit Nr. 0

Eu sou o @steemean (Jimbo), tenho seis anos e pedi ao meu pai para me ajudar a escrever a minha ideia para um concurso no Steemit.
Demorou duas semanas para eu escrever este post em Português, e o meu pai fez em Inglês
Faça arte com Inteligência Artificial (IA)

Este é um concurso para 10 semanas e rodadas, a partir de agora.

1 - Vá para Nvidia Gaugan e seja um artista com a IA

2 - Publique um desenho original por post o uma ou mais pinturas feitas pela IA

3- Os posts devem ter a tag #gaugan, e, se quiser a tag $contest
A tag #gaugan tem de estar antes da quinta posição para funcionar no Steemit

4 - A publicação deve ser feita até 23h45 - horário da Europa Ocidental (WET) todos os domingos.

Escolherei e anunciarei o vencedor num máximo de dois dias, após o fecho deste post no sétimo dia.

O vencedor recebe:

  • Todas recompensas do post do concurso;
  • Uma unidade SBI;
  • 5 moedas CC (creativecoin);
  • 1 moeda PAL (Palnet);
  • Meu voto em 5 posts feitos pelo vencedor. (1,941 SP)

Ajudem o concurso por delegarem para o @steemean, doando Steem para o vencedor de todos os concursos, ou vote ou resteem este post.

Obrigado ao @fraenk do @goglyeyes pela ajuda e pela ideia do concurso, ao @brickmanbrad pelo seu suporte, a muitos outros que me apoiam, e ao meu pai por ajudar para eu escrever as minhas ideias.

Por favor, meu amigo @brickmanbrad, inicie um concurso de Lego no Steemit. !!!
O Steemit precisa de mais concursos.!!!

My first paintings with Ai Gaugan.
Jimbo paint with Artificial Intelligence
I made the draw.
As minhas primeiras pinturas com Ai Gaugan .
O Jimbo pinta com Inteligência Artificial.
Eu fiz o Desenho.

Nvidia Gaugan made the painting | O Nvidia Gaugan fez a pintura

I made the draw. | Eu fiz o Desenho

Nvidia Gaugan made the paintings | O Nvidia Gaugan fez as pinturas

AI help me to be an artist and painter. :) | A IA ajuda-me a ser um artista e pintor :)

Be an artist with Nvidia Gaugan . | Seja um artista com Nvidia Gaugan

Say if you like the contest and participate.
Jimbo the kid of Steemit

I'm only six years old, please read this introduceyourself post in , Jimbo The kid of Steemit

Digam se gostaram do concurso e participem.
Jimbo, o puto do Steemit

Eu tenho apenas seis anos de idade, por favor leia este post em introduceyourself, Jimbo The kid of Steemit

Thanks to all the Steemeans that supported me. | Obrigado a todos os Steemians que me apoiaram

@ocdb @drakos @charlie777p @krakonos @menkarbit @stmdev @tiagoferezin @resteemer @anomaly @drakernoise @mytunes @brickmanbrad @artemisa7 @robertoueti @mynotsofitlife @casberp @riscadox @goldenage @brazine @trincowski-pt @tixinhacapitinha @brendanweinhold @bilpcoin.pay @thebilpcointrain @steeming-hot @tokengesture @jk6276 @steembasicincome @neoxiancity @khalil319 @jk6276.@pal @googlybot @blewitt @supdork @dylanhobalart @phabulu @paredao @basilmarples @fraenk @googlyeyes @sbi10 @markitoelias @qwerrie @ataliba @hranhuk @googlyeyeys @neosteem @saboin @camillagomes @c-squared-pal @bucipuci @steevc @joythewanderer @etherpunk @laissez-faire @silviabeneforti @sleepingcowboy @sparkesy43 @kiddady @kingsofa @elianaicgomes @marblely @mathowl @pieces-of-eight @hockney @xmauron3 @sustainablelivin @raphaelle @kryptonauta @arcange @steemyoda @anwenbaumeister @danaedwards @hendrikdegrote @curie @espoem @kevinwong @rajib2k5 @massivevibration @yaelg @felt.buzz @riosparada @steemswede @jgullinese @drumoperator @mammasitta @joshman @duarte9sousa @webdeals @mariusfebruary @vact @thekitchenfairy @edb @steemswede @tipu @wackou

Sorry for the ones I missed | Desculpem os que eu falhei

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Nice contest @steemean wish you the best on this...
Love n'hugs ❤️

Thanks a lot, friend.
Not many people reading the posts.:)

Hi @eii, Can you change the tag gaugan place
The tag #gaugan must be before the fifth position to work on Steemit.


@eii, @simplymike, @johndoer123, @rentmoney - have you guys this contest yet?

Thanks. :)

Great idea for a contest. I'll have to check it out.

And I am overdue for a Lego based contest, so I'll have to come up with one soon.

Thanks @brickmanbrad.
I'm waiting for the Lego contest.
I'm a little sad, nobody as seen my contest.

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excellent contest go ahead always my friend

Thanks a lot. please participate, :)

Good contest

Obrigado por postar! Esse comentário é o novo bot que dará upvote 100% para todos os posts que usam a tag #pt.

My first attempt




Very nice. Please make a post for the contest.

Good luck to everyone who participates.

Thanks. Please participate.

Thanks a lot. w're welcome. ;)


Hey @rentmoney, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

Sup Dork?!? Enjoy the Upvote!!! Keep up with the dorky content for more love!!!

Thanks, @supdork for all the support.

Hey @steemean, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

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my take! not bad for the 1st time. seems eventually I CAN DRAW !!!!!


Very Good. :)
Please publish a post with this or make another.:)

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Thanks a lot.
I love the tokens on Steemit. ;)

hmm, intresting! I will reblog this,
to help you to rise awareness.
not sure if i will take part... i am not a painter at all!

Thanks. AI helps to be one