HONEY BADGER CONTEST: 🐝 100 $HIVE in Prizes!! 🐝

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Today is Good Friday. What is good about it? Well Ionomy is doing another airdrop and I am doing a Contest to promote the Brosino Poker Community. They are, unwillingly, the best-kept secret on the HIVE platform!


The team of @tuck-fheman, @ats-david, @guiltyparties, @inthenow, @bethalea have worked very hard these past few years to bring to everyone the joy of playing poker. While I do like playing the Splinterlands Card Game, I love me some Brosino Poker!

It is a great place to learn how to play poker and hang out with some really cool people. The most legit of all poker sites in the universe that is the Internet! No cost to join, no cost to play! Yet, by playing you can win $HIVE and other tokens!

Now, about the contest, prizes and the rules on how to enter this contest...

Entry Requirements

  • No resteem or upvote necessary (though appreciated).
  • You must have an HIVE Account
  • Be a member of the Brosino Community (you can join here).
  • Make a post (video) doing the Honey Badger Dance with the first tag being HONEYBADGER (You might not want people to see your face, that is cool. Wear a mask! It is all the rage these days.)
  • Place a link to your Honey Badger Dance Post in the comments of this post.

Sarge what is the Honey Badger dance?

Good question. I will give you two examples...



  • 1st Place Winner
    75 $HIVE

  • 2d Place
    20 $HIVE

  • 3rd Place
    5 $HIVE

Be creative. Show me what you got. Let us have fun and play in the face of scary times.

G-D bless us, everyone, during this holiday. Happy Easter and Chaim Semach to my Jewish friends.


Prizes will be awarded within a couple of days after the payout of this post. Yeah, I got the dough, just check my wallet. Short of getting hacked, prizes are SAFU and guaranteed!

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You couldn't have said it any better bro. Despite being away a bit from the community, I gotta say that it's one the best places around as underrated. @tuck-fheman, @ats-david, @guiltyparties, @inthenow,and the lovely @bethalea deserve proper praise for keeping this ship around. You'll see my best Honey Dance pops! Regards.

Just managed to enter 15 min before payout, Hope its not too late?


Thanks for the contest man. Here is my entry post.


this is my entry post for this contest..



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One more day until the judging for the winners of this contest. Looks right now you will win 1st prize by default. A few more hours and we will see. Tagging @jonsnow1983.

Daaaamnnn I got do thisss, in a couple of hours you'll the Snow dancingg!

4 hours left. Soon I will give the prize. Get on it @jonsnow1983 or be left out.

Yes, hope to see @jonsow1983 entry, as he said for that "Best Honey Dance"