- Your Best Quote Of The Month Contest - Winners Announced!!!

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And the Winners of this month's Contest are...

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Drum roll please...

In 1st place: @Stortebeker

You need to experience real food in order to understand the meaning of "empty calories".

I couldn't argue with this statement at all. Real food is defenitely something you need to experience to know how much it is lacking in today's human diet... with all the different "dietary experiments" going around these days, it really seems that the only food packed full of nutrition has been lost knowledge. Thanks for that Quote!

In 2nd place: @himalayannomad

The act of watching someone dance wholeheartedly is the portal to another world. One get to see so many random sculptures, forming and dissolving in the moment

It truly is amazing to see someone get "lost" in their moment. Lost lerhaps isn't the right way to say it, as they have gone somewhere specific in the now. As always, a very poetic quote!

And in 3rd place: @olawalium

Don't sweat it, not everyone is meant to stay in your life. Relationships expire. Don't try to force a door open that has already been closed for you. Go to where you are celebrated and not where you are tolerated

These are sets of very meaningful quotes. It takes quite the courage and wisdom to realize that something has ended... especially in the realm of the heart!

I promised you 15 SBI shares, they will be split into 3 for you, awesome creators, each one of you will receive 4 shares ASAP😁!

Because I've decided to make this contest a monthly event... only 1st place will have the Bonus 1 Month Exposure. You are welcome to use the same quote again next month by the way!

Congratulations to all three of you, enjoy the rewards and thank you for playing!!!

You are all really amazing people (even those of you who forgot to play😁!!!)

Thanks again everyone for participating and please try to have a look into what @Steembasicincome is doing for the platform, it is frankly pretty amazing!!!


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QUOTE OF THE MONTH: @Stortebeker

You need to experience real food in order to understand the meaning of "empty calories".

(If you want your quote featured here, lookout for the next contest!)


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And don't forget… Dreams Come True!

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I admire your dedication to this platform and the things you do to make it fun and exciting. Feels so good to be listed. We are reary for another. Yaaaay!

Thanks!! I was just thinking about ending the contest as I haven't been completely with it these last few months... but it looks like we'll keep ot going 😁!

Oh! Please...keep it going and I am ready to share my own quotes.

Thank you!

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You're welcome

Yeay, thank you so much, once again! This is a fun contest, and I say this not just because I won this month. :-)

Congratulations to us. Yes, it is a nice and fun contest.

Sorry, I was late with this one tho! I may let it run through to next month 😁!