The myth of good governance 1- My first Contest Prize Pool- 10 STEEM

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I have never heard of a country/ kingdom under a just and generous rule outside the realm of Religious and Cultural literature- much of which can not be backed by facts or recorded history. Nevertheless the Concepts are Universal- This is another mystery. Why is it so? When cultural diaspora is so varied why do all societies yearn for justice??

The Contest: Give me a story about just rule or about setting up good governance or overcoming social/political evils. Anything related is fine for me. Make it a post, it could be story or an article.

  • It should be between 200 to 1000 words
  • Tag it #logiczombie if you want your post evaluated
  • Post a link to it in the comments below before 20th November 2019
  • Please state the references used

Please upvote and Resteem (Not compulsory). The first prize will be 5 STEEM. The rest I will distribute as per my evaluation. The prize pool can rise if need be.



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