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RE: UFM Power Up Contest #2

in #contest2 years ago

Can I ask a silly question - when I go looking at my history of UFM on Steem-Engine, I'm seeing the UFM I received, but it doesn't say that I staked it up or not (it shows a 0 UFM balance after I staked it, but you don't know if I staked it or sold it that way). So how do I pull up my history of days showing a total amount of staking once I reach 250? If I go to the rocks explorer thing, it would show allllllllll my transactions over those days. Is the only way to go in to that and snip all the lines that are about UFM, or is there an easier way to do it?
Thanks for any help. :)


Unfortunately there is no easy way that I know of. The easiest is to use the find tool for your browser and search UFM on your rocks explorer. It would be easier to save up and stake at once for this contest, but hindsight is 20/20.

I did some counting, you need about 50 more staked to get 250. This should do it !UFM 50

Edit: Oops, 25 UFM is the cap for what can be sent

Aw, thanks for the addition! I just powered it up. :D

You have received UFM in your wallet!
You can use UFM for posting and curating content on or to get a vote from @ufmbot.