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RE: 131, Punday: Christmas Edition. Ho Ho Ho! I have a lot of prizes to give you. Consider them presents!

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It's great to be home for the holidays! I have noticed a new trend in Christmas cards is to include a picture of the whole family on the card. I must admit that I miss the old days in which everyone just sent a card with no pictures. In those days the words inside were not from the sender but we're penned by some anonymous wordsmith at the card company who always knew what to say to put everyone in the Christmas spirit. Nowadays I am more likely to get a wordless card full of unexplained pictures. My favorite type are the beach trip photos. Everyone is dressed up and barefoot with the photo and it is timed just right so that the surf is up on the beach and ruining everyone's cuffs on their pants. Now that is what I call a yuleTIDE greeting. 🎅

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I love a good stretch.