For the Love of Comments, Round 14. Win a 200 SP Delegation for a Month.

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Welcome back for the first contest of 2020. Firstly I'd like to thank @simplymike for supporting us in 2019. That delegation helped to give a boost to get the contest off to a strong start and will always be appreciated. If you are a gardener, then do visit @simplymike's page to find out about her own monthly garden journal challenge.

Moving forward in 2020, @mattclarke and I will continue to give out two monthly delegations of 200 SP with a potential for this to increase if all goes well.


For the Love of Comments is an initiative to help people to build their accounts on Steem. Winners will have 200 SP (Steem Power) delegated to them for a month to help them build their own SP and gain some traction with their account. Interaction is so important if you want to get yourself seen and that's why this contest is called For the Love of Comments. What I'm looking for, when delegating, is an account which is actively communicating with others and voting on content. There are plenty of small accounts, but if they're not active, then no amount of delegation is going to help them grow.

Another thing that goes a long way is community. A community can't thrive if people don't help each other. So I want to foster generosity. Each month two delegations will be awarded and...

In order to be in the running for one of these delegations I want you to share a link to someone else's post that you think could use more comments and interaction. Alternatively, tell me about someone who you think is a valuable user on Steem, why you like their contributions and why you think they could use some more help. Both you and your nominee will be put in the running for the delegation.

Please don't just leave a username, it won't be considered as an entry. This is all about interaction.

Contest runs for 7 days from time of posting.

Update, @mattclarke is offering up two extra delegations for the rest of this year, so there will now be four delegations available.



If you are a new account and looking to make a small ripple in the steem block chain community, then join in this contest. Posting alone and hoping and praying that you will be seen or curated is just that a hope only. Join in, exchange thoughts and ideas with people, comment on some of the post you like.

Make them real comments and they will gain attention. The days of Nice post, nice picture, Beautiful shot, those days are gone. Pick something from the post and tell the person what you liked about it, or how the post made you feel, what your thoughts are on the subject they presented.

Steem Block Chain is growing, there are a lot of post, comments are a huge part of it. If you want to grow and to be seen then take the time to comment, there are so many vote trails on accounts you are likely voting on that the Author can no longer see who voted for them to even attempt to take a look at the pages of some of the voters, comments on the other hand are out in front and easy for an author to see, and if they feel it is a real comment the odds of them looking over your page is greater.

Take advantage of offers like these, be a part of the expansion of comments growing on the block chain, be seen and be heard.

Resteemed, some new accounts might see, some of my followers might resteem it. It is efforts like this that will be of a big help in retaining people. My comment is of course for support only, not an entry.

Beautifully put, thanks @bashadow! I'd like to see this comment at the top as it's excellent advice.

Exactly! You have said it all. Engagement is the key. There is no how one will comment on every new post of another for about 5 times and the person will not try to check out who is doing that. I mean real comment! Hardly!

Moreso, engagement in contest like this does help too. This helped me while I was starting out newly here.

The days of Nice post, nice picture, Beautiful shot, those days are gone.

actually, not at all. I see everyday 'brilliant click' on every 3rd post I check...

And I would venture to say that nothing gets said back or if some thing is, all that is said is "thanks", (and that is the poster being polite). It is also unlikely that the person who made the post even bothered to go and look at that particular commentator's blog, especially if there are other comments left by other people that are more fulfilling of having an interacting experience with.

This post was about for the love of comments, of gaining interaction with accounts, with having your account being seen by people and seeing/finding/enjoying other like minded accounts. Short meaningless Gold Star for everyone comments are in a large part ignored by the community. Most people do not want to be treated like they are in Kindergarten, or First Grade.

Of course that is just my opinion, and it could be completely wrong, I am not even close to an expert on any of this.

we should not claim to be experts in this... we are part of the chain, and have our opinions about operating here, our experience (about the same, or different...)

personally, I like to interact with people. there is a solid number of cases when I 've got a great acquaintances here, which started just as comments and going out to look at other's blog.

all the best!

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Always a pleasure to be a part of this initiative. I'm committing to sponsoring 3 x 200 SP delegations a month this year; so we're looking at 4 winners each month.
Thanks, @minismallholding for your efforts in this. It's going to be a fantastic year.

Matt, you're a star! Let's hope we get at least 4 entries now.

It is a very interesting initiative, it is fantastic to give some help to several stemianos, vote and reestam to the publication

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I think this post deserved more interaction. I was really curious to see what animal other people would choose to be. I think Mr Green is a valuable Steem user because he educates and encourages people to be more eco-friendly such as with his green deeds contests. I really enjoy the content he posts and shares and I think other people would too.

Thank you for putting this forward. It is indeed low on comments, despite asking a good question to stir up some conversation. I'll have to think on my answer for it.

Can't wait to read your response!

What a great effort to boost people who want a bit of help! I'm resteeming.

Thank you, it's appreciated.

me too, would be nice if it help to a person who needs it.

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