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RE: [CLOSED] Euro Jackpot contest #74 - win 1 to 32 SBI plus 10 UFM tokens and a ticket for the UFM lottery - at least 5 winners guaranteed

in #contest2 years ago

Can't do much - but every little bit helps, right? Keep on going!!!


Thanks so much for your support!

Hey @mariannewest,
now that you helped me ... why don't you leave two numbers?
One of my ticket (04 - 16 - 29 - 33 - 42) plus an additional one that is between 1 and 50 but not on my ticket.
Would be nice if you would win an SBI :)

Sounds good :).
My number from your ticket: 4
not on your ticket: 6

Thank you!

I have to thank you!
Numbers are noted and I wish you luck!!!