Quick Тravel Photo Contest, Edition #4

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Hi, friends!

Welcome to Quick Тravel Photo Contest #4


Let's have fun, share our visual memories from our travels, enrich the STEEM community and earn along the way!

What is Travel Photography? It is that type of the Eight Art where we capture culture, people, landscapes, objects, cityscapes, customs, traditions, events, history, etc. and we express our feeling of the time and the place we visited. We all love it, right? ;)


  • Comment under this post with one travel photo:
    • Only one entry per participant
    • You have exactly 24 hours to participate
    • Use ONLY your own original work, photos will be checked and plagiarism will be flagged and reported
    • No NSFW images
    • Adding your personal touch, a short story, the location, EXIF data, etc. is not obligatory but will definitely make your entry much more appealing and increase your chances of success ;)
    • If your comment contains more than one image I will consider only the first one. You may create a separate post with your photo if you wish, of course!
  • No Upvote, No Resteem, No Follow required. Of course, all the help and support you give is greatly appreciated and absolutely voluntary.

As you probably know, I am a professional photographer, so please show me your good stuff, I will be looking for things like story-telling, composition, quality, etc. May the best win!

The winner gets 1 SBI share

If you are not familiar with the SBI initiative, check out their blog @steembasicincome. Generally, it is upvotes on your posts for life, a great concept indeed!

All previous participants, you are more than welcome to enter again: @angelro, @axeman, @brittandjosie, @careassaktart, @drakernoise, @fotostef, @khaimi, @mango-juice, @obelus, @olivia08, @pardinus, @qwerrie, @siavashgh

The winner from the last Quick Тravel Photo Contest is @axeman It is amazing how the perspective changes everything, right? Amazing photo, congrats and thanks for sharing it with us!

Thank you, good luck and good day to everyone!

Copyright: Damian Hadjiyvanov, Light Captured
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Thnx for the mention greets from warm Italy
( sorry it’s side ways )

Where's this place? 😊📷

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Desensano del Garda

Oh! I've been to Lago di Garda and as a typical tourist unfortunately only visited Sirmione. Amazing place...

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My pleasure, I'm looking forward for your next entry. I adore Italy as from my photographic perspective it is an amazingly beautiful country!

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I can make 25 blogs a day it’s soooo nice and if I do only food blogs I can do another 25

LMAO, absolutely, I know what you mean!

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I will be in tremosine today with the hanging from rocks terraces will be a great one to enter.

Oh, wonderful! Have some great time and I'm sure there will be new beautiful photos 📷😉

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This is bird's-eye view of Singapore city ( small part). I captured this picture from the rooftop of Marina Bay Sand. Singapore is really beautiful modern city with full of amazing tourists spots. In the picture you can see Garden by the Bay, Cloud forest Dome and Flower dome...

Wow! Thank you for sharing this amazing perspective, @priyanarc! Looks like future and nature in perfect harmony. 👏📷👍🍃

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Ya really amazed me that time...


WhatsApp Image 2019-07-23 at 13.20.15.jpeg

Thank you for your entry!

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This is my hometown and this road is a man made road connecting the the island of our town.I invited my sister going there.

My entry and thank you @lightcaptured

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Thank you, @olivia08! Wonderful mood and funny perspective! 😊👏📷

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Jejeje my friend @lightcaptured

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Congrats @axeman! You deserve it, awesome photo, so clean.
Well it’s unreachable that level for me ofc but was a funny contest and there was very nice shots as well from the others.
If you find some free time you could pass by my music sharing project #mytunes and leave some stuff. 😁


Stormy autumn sunset at the aquatory of the Port of Klaipeda, Lithuania. Amazing rainy front is coming from the southern side of the sea (sea is straight forward couple of kilometers not visible due Curonian Spit)
Soon will be rain, brought by some angry Sky Monsters

Enjoy it!


Be sure to click on the image to view full screen!


@axeman :

Screenshot 6.png

Cheers :)

I made it! Haha :D Let's try it with a boat in a lake photo? -

Thale Noi Lotus Lake
I took this shot on my travel to the south of Thailand in the Phattalung area. I took the image on the boat of a fisherman who drove me around this beautiful lake. Cheers!

Oh, wonderful, thank you!
How I wish I could sail through that field of blossoming water lilies... 👀💦💦📷

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Here is my entry... actually this picture is nepal- india border of tanakpur, Uttarakhand, India. The best part about this picture is sun rays is on river, as river is also looking so attractive... as both are communicating with each other in this peaceful environment.... 👍

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Hello @gargi, please note this contest is over, there is an active one though,please apply there. Thank you.

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Here is my entry: The last summer time spend the day with full of nature loving and summer vacation bonding together with friends and family. Hope this one's qualified this week thank you and may the god blessed as all.