The Old Dog Presents: The Weird Vending Machine Contest! Winners!

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I asked you to look for them and you found them. Weird vending machines!

Here's the original post:

The Old Dog Presents: The Weird Vending Machine Contest!

Here Are Your Winners!

A kind gentleman in Slovenia built this moonshine dispenser for happy hikers! Thanks @oldtimer 

@ace108 saw this drone dispensing vending machine! Wow!

@bigsambucca sent in this lucky box vending machine.  It could contain anything from a soft toys, key ring or maybe a mobile phone. Just another form of gambling?

@ace108 is a double winner with the "World's First Norwwegian Salmon" vending machine!

Your kid is will nag you to death until you put in some coins for a toy from this cat machine. @karma-panorama

Those Are Your Winners! Strange But True!

Payments will go out in the next 24 hours! Fast furious and USED! Isn't Steem awesome?

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Until next time,   

@kus-knee (The Old Dog)  

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Some strange vending machine. Thanks for picking my cute cat one :)

Thanks for entering!

Those vending machines are the best steemians always share unique things :D congratulations to the winner

You’re right. It was a lot of fun!

@kus-knee, Firstly I want to give big thanks for making steem beautiful place through organizing different photo contents. Steemianss are skillful and explorers. So they have put very deserve shots here and finally winners found. Best selection.

Thanks for your kind words!

Wow.... Thanks for picking my 2 in one contest. :-)

You find interesting machines!

Haha.. I tried. :-)

My photo as a thumbnail on kus-knee's post.
What an honor.

Thanks for taking part. Your entry was so original!

These are all great! I can't imagine how the salmon one works but I think it's worth the trip to find out. I missed this contest or I would have submitted the only one I have. I'll throw it in here just for fun.

Mexico 2006 154.jpg

Toothbrush vending machine I saw in Mexico.

Your vending machine is a great find!

Thank you! I wish I had seen the original contest. I would have entered it!

Vending Machine Contest was awesome. @oldtimer posted natural looks machines. Both images attracted my heart lot. Congrats to the winners.

Yes, his is a good one!

Definitely the first one, weird, no I mean unique and pretty awesome!


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What you will not meet. Amazing vending machines.

Those are some crazy vending machines. The salmon one is just bizaar and I'm still trying to figure what's going on with the first one (moonshine dispenser) and how it actually works. It has to be on the honor system and not mechanized.

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Yes it’s the honor system.

for @kus-knee

Thank you @kus-knee and congrats to all the other winners it was great fun hunting them down :)))))

L9l what strange machines