The Old Dog Presents: The Weird Vending Machine Contest!

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"Come on Old Dog, Where did you get such a strange idea for a contest?"

I'm glad that you asked! Last month while walking in the old town of Cernobbio Italy on the lake of Como I passed by a vending machine. Among the things in it was mozzarella cheese! 

Maybe it's a cultural thing but that struck me as weird!!! How much mozzarella are these people running out of after the grocery stores have closed?

Don't Believe Me? See For Yourself!

There it is in all its glory..mozzarella! Right above the eggs? Yes, there are emergency vending machine eggs too!

Here's a bigger view of this amazing machine with its magic mozzarella!

Check out the hand written sign! Buyer beware because the machine doesn't give change or as they put it: "Doesn't Give The Rest of The Money!" Since the mozzarella costs 1.90 I suppose that they get a 10 cent tip every time!

Now It's Your Turn! Here's What We're Looking For

In this contest I want to see weird looking vending machines or vending machines that sell weird things! Yes I know. This is going to be tough but a lot of fun!

 Here Are The Contest Rules

  • Show me a photo of a weird vending machine!
  • Post your photos in the comment section below
  • The photo must be yours NOT one that you find on the internet.
  • Maximum of 2 entries per person
  • If you make a post promoting the contest I'll try and give it an upvote as well
  • There will be at least 5 prizes of 1 Steem each 
  • The contest closes in 7 days

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Until next time,   

@kus-knee (The Old Dog) 

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OK, so this is not an entry because it isn't mine. BUT STILL, you gotta check this out!

The Grief Machine

This definitely qualifies as weird!

Kinda suits you then, right?

What is it for? To get something you will regret?

Je ne regrette rien :-)

Funny pictures :-D

You're right!

I don't think this is popular over here yet, because I have not seen anything like that.

Maybe garri or fufu?

Interesting contest and funny. I think we all have fun :)

I hope so!

In Slovenian mountains, it's a custom that when we reach the summit we take a shot of moonshine.
I find this moonshine atm last year.


Here are the mechanics. It cost 1 euro per shot on a voluntary basis.


The funny part is that the police officer in retirement built this as locals told me.

This is a great entry. Thanks!

I have seen many types of vendor machines here in Bangkok but this one made my day a cool fresh orange juice vendor machine that will give you a cup of pure fresh orange juice while your watching a small TV screen also mounted into the vendor machine telling you were the oranges are grown and how good pure fresh orange juice is for you now that is a cool vendor machine and i call tell you it was one awesome tasting orange juice 👍

Entry No #1





It was really yummy and natural 👍

I doubt we have them. It is years ago I saw one in front of a bakery selling bread. Most machines are gone perhaps where @fitinfunfood lives or @gertu or @skramatters? 🤔

Cool. We had fresh made pizza vending machines here a few years ago but they’re all gone!

Ohhhh....there is going to be some real weird stuff turning up in the post i can't wait i'm going to love this 🤣

I hope that you find something!

I will be doing my best....Cheers 👍

I really wanted to join this contest. It's fun to go on a weird-vending-machine-hunting. The only problem is that vending machines aren't popular where I'm from.

Next time!

Bummer, the salmon vending machine that was near my place is gone.
I guess nobody interested in buying frozen salmon from the machine.
I have to dig this from my phone. :-)

Very weird but not surprised if it didn't attract enough customers!

Yes, I wasn't surprise it went but it was quite short time there. Less than a few months.

Cool design to remind yourself that what you buy is getting right in your belly, but also a lot of different flavor not found anywhere else like sesame, popcorn or wasabi water :)


Cool. What are the selling?

All king of beverages, not sure of all the flavor... I have tasted some weird ones during my trip!

Are you feeling lucky today why not take a lucky box home with you it could be the surprise of your life :)))))
Amazing what you find in shopping malls these lucky box could contain anything from a soft toys , key ring or maybe a mobile phone that would be to bad for a $1 US lucky box.

Entry No - 1

iPhone 6 - 778.jpg

iPhone 6 - 779.jpg

iPhone 6 - 882.jpg

Another form of gambling! :)

Haha...this is true can't escape it :))))))

Haha...yep can't escape it :))))

Oh, i have couple of interesting ones. Have to try to take a pic of one near my place but as Arnold said..... I'll be back


I think if there are Steemians who stayed in Tokyo would have that opportunity to take all kinds of weird vending machines.
Malaysia ones are boring. 😂

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Let's hope someone sends one!

@ kus-knee Hello dear friend. That vending machine is really strange. I will see that I can find in the city, there are three contests that I cannot find to participate.
I wish you a great day

Let's hope that you see something interesting!

In my travels around Thailand i found these vendor machines very popular around the city malls and train station i always thought they were ATM machines but actually they are for topping up credit on your mobile phones at what ever amount you like very handy. These are the two most popular phone companies over here in Thailand , True and AIS.

Entry No - 2.

iPhone 6 - 499.jpg


Saves lining up in cues in phone shops or 7/11 Stores !!

Have no idea about this contest!


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I'm back. Not sure if I get a chance to take of photo of the vending machine I wanted but putting in a first entry from and old post first.:-)

FIRST1327📷Monthly Author Challenge #11.20 Buy drone from vending machine | 自动售货机买无人驾驶飞机


I'm thinking the one I've saving for to take another photo is going to be interesting too. :-)

Getting a new toy from a lucky cat in Japan is common :)


Very good!

This high tech vending machine i thought was very cool you can load up photos into the vending machine via Wi-Fi from your phone and it will print them out in a form of birthday card , postcard , greeting card well just about anything you like with your personal photo or any ones photo you prefer would make a great little gift 🌝

Entry No #2



High tech!

👍 👍 👍

I know I am a bit late and I know this doesnt count, but I saw this today and I was like I have to send it to the OD lol. :D


Very flashy!