The Old Dog Presents: The Spindly Spider Spook-fest!

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I'm not a big fan of spiders! Are you?

On the other hand it's always interesting to get a close look at them, understand them better and creep myself out!

Announcing: The Spindly Spider Spook-fest Contest!

I came across a pleasantly plump spider today as it was feasting on a tender morsel right beside my front door. This grisly looking Araneae allowed me to get very close to it in order to take the sample shot below. 

Show Me Some Spindly Spooky Spiders....Up Close!

Here's my sample shot to get you started!

Lot's of details to be seen here to amaze, fascinate, spook and just generally creep out!

Now It's Your Turn! Let's Get Scary!

In this contest I want to see spindly, spooky spiders!

 Here Are The Contest Rules

  • Show me a photo of a weird creepy creature!
  • Post your photos in the comment section below
  • The photo must be yours NOT one that you find on the internet.
  • Maximum of 2 entries per person
  • If you make a post promoting the contest I'll try and give it an upvote as well
  • There will be at least 5 prizes of 1 Steem each 
  • The contest closes in 7 days

Bonus Prize!

I will transfer 2 Steem to the first person to identify the type of spider in my sample!

There is also another contest still open and it's a lot of fun:

The Old Dog Presents: The Weird Vending Machine Contest!

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Until next time,   

@kus-knee (The Old Dog)  

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Is that a brown black widow spider?

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Gee, I hope not! I’ve no idea!

Wow, what a fun contest! And it just so happens I have some really good spider pictures 😬 I found both of these spiders in my yard!

Banana Spider

Oh yeah, they are both huge and extremely venomous!

Seriously creepy looking, beast-mode spiders you've photographed! Are these the type of spiders that eat small birds if they get tangled in the web? @moderndayhippie

Thanks! LoL, no they aren't quite that big. However, I did see the banana spider eating a 2-3 inch (5 -7 cm) grass hopper the other day that got tangled in its web and I was rather impressed by that. :0)

Nature's version of "Terminators"

The deadlier the better for this contest!

I like spiders, to the dislike of my wife. Unfortunately, I do not have anything remarkable to participate in the last two contests.
I'm looking forward to the following.
Great success to the participants and thanks to the organizer! $trdo

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Thank you so much!

Thanks for your continued support!

With pleasure!

Saw this lovely lady today on the side of the house! A marbled orb-weaver.

She looks like she's about to burst!

You can see why they are sometimes called pumpkin spiders!

Show me a photo of a weird creepy creature!

Oh man, I am huge fan of weird creepy creatures and I have a lot of photos of them :) This time around, therefore, I will take advantage of the possibility to submit two entries.

Nr. 1: the horseshoe crab


Nr. 2: the tailless whip scorpion


Both captured by me in Mexico. Thanks for hosting this awesome contest! ;)

I’m shaking!

A Huntsman Spider in our Apartement in the 11th Floor. I´ve absolutely no idea how this beast got there.


Yikes, run for the hills!

or burn down the apartement?!

In Australia this is considered a small spider and it truly is. I´ve seen Huntsman as big as my hand.

Now this is one we can do! I think I can even manage a promo piece for this one!! Standby!

I look forward to hearing back from you!

Look at this puppy:



For these kinds of shot's I'll need a real camera. Phone cameras are not too clever at macro shots.

There's plenty of the long legged beasts in my house. I'm always throwing them out!

For sure a real camera would be better but I took the one above with my phone! I took 5 and picked the best. The little creep didn't even take any notice of me!

Spiders just keep still. They think you can't see them and are quite smug about their camouflage abilities, even when black and sitting in a white bath!


Oh, you know I don't have bugs! :) Let me see what I can find!! In the meantime, I will give it a resteem to spread the word!

Did I tell you I don't like Spiders and Snakes? Thanks for hosting this contest!!!


Thanks for the blast from the past!

Hehe! You are always a pleasure! :)

Honestly I hate these creatures! Every of they are ugly and so freeky to me lol :D


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I understand you!

Great shot!

I love spiders only in pictures!
Jumping spiders are among the easiest to distinguish because of their eyes.
Be sure to click on the image to view full screen!

Killer and its victim - Cross Spider - The same spider as in your photo

Great photos. Thanks!

My pleasure!

The Huntsman Spider so big and scary but yet so harmless 👀

Entry No #2


You really know how to give a guy nightmares!

Haha 🤣 👀 🤣

Wow there sure is a really beautiful spider fest
going on here @kus-knee! I didn't catch any moths
but you sure had some most amazing entries!
I did find a spindly spooky spider! :-)



Spiders are great animals and have unique abilities. Their buildings alone are particularly fascinating for science and offer a forum for new technologies.

The giant house spider

Große Winkelspinne Tegenaria atrica.jpg

Nice capture!

I saw this huge Huntsman Spider also known as the giant crab spider because of their size and appearance up on my basement wall he had just caught his prey and was having a feast glad it wasn't me !!

iPhone 6.jpg

Yes, keep your fingers away from that thing!

Don't worry i was keeping my distance very scary to look at !!

There are lots of spiders around right now! I will be on the lookout!


Your spider looks like a Cross Orb Weaver (Araneus diadematus).

It may well be

Hi, @kus-knee, here's my entry for this week.



I think this one is kind of spooky lol.


I think this guy is pretty cute lol.


BTW I put up a general promo post coz you have some great contests going on!!

Great stuff! I hope to see you at the dirty car contest too!

I took this photo of a tarantula that was on display at the local zoo
🕷 "The Tarantula aka Wolf Spider" 🕷
My post is located here:

How lovely!

The Spindly Spider Spook-fest! Contest Entry

This is the entry to @kus-knee contest with a nice scary theme :)
Well, I have couple of spider shots in my archives, but also have pretty fresh one and yet even unpublished.
Actually was shot on the way through the forest to the beach for a portrait photoshoot...happens :)
Pretty cool back-light lightening the spider details

Enjoy it!


Be sure to click on the image to view full screen!

Thanks for the entry and for your support!

This is my entry:
Spider-Mum and her kids


Nice and gross!

Lucky me, just today I wrote a post which included a nice little one:

Although, I must say, if this is a contest I prefer to use this one:

Posted it already a few weeks ago, but I like the more extraordinary appearance. & I still don't know what kind of spider that is.

Oh, & btw., I really like spiders, though not as much as wasps.

Cool submissions!

I believe you have an Orb Weaver and specifically one of these:

At least, that's what it looks like to me.

It could be.

I agree!

Found another shot from the country where everything is trying to kill you. :)


Very colourful!

Say hello to my little friend! This lovely creature was on my back patio a couple of weeks ago.


Hey, it looks like mine!

You're right! I should have found a more exotic specimen! Ha ha.

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My entry


for you


Entry 1: Hungry like the wolf!

Link to my post

Sooooo creepy!!!!

Cool. What camera did you use?

HUAWEI YII5 I use a lens 75mm mobile macro lens phone.

This is what they call the St Andrew's Cross Spider i found him nestle up and hiding in my rooftop garden waiting for his prey i love his tiger stripes 🌝

The Top of his body.


The Underbelly of his body.


Very cool!

Thanks @kus-knee 👍

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I think your spider is a Pumpkin Spider also known as Marbled Orbweaver?

It could be. The markings are similar but no pumpkin color.

Good post

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The only creepy thing around here is the neighbour 🤔 Does that count? They say it is nature too.

If he wears a spider suit I'll accept it! :)