The Old Dog Presents: The Piled Stone Phenomenon Contest Winners!

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Hi everyone! That was a great contest! There were 81 comments, dozens of entries and 14 winners!

As a reminder here is what we were looking for!

Lot's of cool entries in exotic locations!

Seven Bonus Prizes And Appics  APX Tokens Too!

There were originally going  to be 5 prizes of one Steem each but having 10 prizes is more fun and better reflects the quality of entries so I've bumped it up!

There were also 4 images posted using the Appics app and I'm awarding them 3 APX tokens each for a total of 12 tokens instead of 10!

First Here Are The Ten Steem Token Winners











Here Are The Four APX Winners Who Posted Using Appics





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The Unique Bathroom Sign Contest. With Steem and APX Token Prizes!

There You Have Our Latest Winners

Payments will go out in the next 24 hours! Feel the power and the speed of Steem, the functioning community blockchain! Isn't it awesome? Don't forget to check your tokens in which I used to transfer the Appics tokens!

If you like contests and would like to see more of them here on the Steem Blockchain please consider upvoting my posts. Contests  help our community so spread the word!

Until next time,   

@kus-knee (The Old Dog)  

Let's Succeed Together!

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Thank you for the APX! I am using @melappics and am working to gather more tokens, so these will be helpful!

This is am amazing collection of rock photos. I missed seeing many of these, and it is great to see them all in one place! Congrats to all!

Thanks for your enthusiasm and your contributions!

Let me wish you a very happy new year 🥳 and a great health, I don’t know if I can still come on the steemit site, lost my password and I am going to install a new phone.
It would be a shame not to see you again 🥂🤗

Hi Vee!
Thanks for thinking of me!
Maybe I can help you to find your password.

Will you make a new account? You should try and use Appics it would be perfect for you!

Please do keep in touch!

Congratulations to the winners!


for you



@mia-cc 斤斤 在艳阳高照 开着拖拉机 给您送来

吃饱了吗?跟我猜拳吧! 石头,剪刀,布~


Congratulations to all the awesome rock piles!
Sure a wonderful collection of beautiful stones!
Thank you so much @kus-knee! Fantastic contests! :-)

Happy New Year 🎆 to you and yours!

Congratulations to the winners! Thank you @kus-knee, and Happy New Year!

SO MANY great captures!
i love all of them.
congratulations to the winners, and thank you for this lovely contest, @kus-knee

Hey @kus-knee, here is a little bit of BEER from @qwerrie for you. Enjoy it!

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Thank you @ku-knee for the prize. Congrats to all other winners!

Congratulations to the winners

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coffeea You need to own more COFFEEA (5 COFFEEA in your wallet allows you to send 1 TOKEN per day)

Happy New Year @kus-knee and thanks for the tokens.

I really enjoyed wandering around looking for or creating piles of stones. It's been a while since I felt inspired to enter a contest so thanks for the opportunity.

Congratulations to all the winners 😍

Thank you @kus-knee and congrats to all the other winners and happy new year to all of you:))

Awesome shots one and all. Such talented Steemers!

What a great way to start the New Year. Congrats to all the winners!

Congratulations to all the winners!!!👏

It's great to see the variety of images and recognize many of my photographer friends' names amongst the finalists!

Happy New Year, everyone!🎊

Thank you @kus-knee this was a great fun contest and congrats to all the winners 👍

Thank you friend @kus-knee! I'm glad you liked the stone town :)