The Old Dog Presents: The Moth Madness Photo Contest Winners!

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Mission accomplished! You've proven that moths are not just the ugly cousin to the more renowned butterfly!

Our Winners Give Proof That Moths Are Beeeeautiful Too!

Thanks to a  5 Steem donation from @dswigle  for me to use in my contests we have a total of 10 winners of 1 Steem each! Thanks again @dswigle!

A great velvety shot from @chrismadcboy2016

A way cool photo from @faltermann!

This furry little friend was captured by @nelinoeva!

I love everything about this little creature as captured by @dswigle!

Monochrome but magnificent. Thanks @reddragonfly

What a great find by @bigsambucca!

@zoricatech always delivers an artful entry!

Thanks to @magnata for this spotted spectacle!

I love the edge work shown here as captured by @phortun!

I love the harmony between wing and leg patterns as presented by @melinda010100!

Payments will go out in the next 24 hours! Feel the power and the speed of Steem, the functioning community blockchain! Isn't it awesome?

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Until next time,   

@kus-knee (The Old Dog)  

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Magnificent moths and fantastic captures! ❤️

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I am very pleased!

What a wonderful selection of moths! Thanks for choosing my photo too, it is honor to be featured here :)

My pleasure!

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I never seen such wonderful and various colour and shape of moths before @kus-knee.. thanks for sharing it with us..Amazing!
I always fail to capture the only moth I seen around my spider lily flower.. because my cat keeps tryinh to catch it😢

Is your cat protecting you?

No.. They just live to catch everything flies around especially things that caught my attention😐 they'll give it as a gift for me.. in dead and complicated form😆 moths, house lizards, rats, cockroaches, butterfly, grasshoppers, anything they find.

This was a wonderful choice for a photo contest. I love all the different moths, they are so colorful and strange looking especially the one with the spider like legs from Melinda, talk about odd looking instead of Moth Man we have Moth Spider, Like Moth Man and Spider Man gave birth to a thing.

Thanks for your nice words!

Congratulations to the winners!
for you

Thanks a lot!

Wow. Congrats to all the winners. I hope to participate in the next round ♨️🤗

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There are always new contests. Right now I'm looking for spiders!

Congrats to all the winners. What a great selection of moths! Thanks for choosing mine.

It was fun!

incredible stuff !! congratulations to the winners

Thanks for your support!

You are educating me. I never knew moths could have such color! Indeed pretty, I try to stay away from bugs of any kind, LOL Thanks @kus-knee

I avoid them too but Steem is changing/has changed me!

@chrismadcboy2016, @dswigle, @faltermann -- I am so in love with your captures! pretty sadly, there is not too much moths around me to shoot, so i dont have smth to share ... amazing pics! thanx for sharing, and sincere congrats!

Thanks for coming!

Thank you for choosing my photo. Fantastic images from all the other winners. Congratulations!

It was a great contest!

Beautiful selection! Congratulations to all the winners!

It was quite successful!

Thank you for the prize and a wonderful contest.

Thanks for joining us!

Congratulations to all winners of this round and of course, all the other great entries. Wonderful photos! Thanks Again, @kus-knee!

Many great entries for sure!

Congrats to all the winners what beautiful mother nature 👍

Fabulous creations to be sure!

Definitely was 👍

They are a variety of shades of colors, all really beautiful.

So true!


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Thank you so much! It is always an honor to hang on your wall! Also, thank you for the steem prize!

Congratulations to all the winners! This was a really fun contest!! I look forward to more and apologize for getting here so late to reply! I didn't hear a word. ;)

Always the best contests!


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Thank you so much @kus-knee and congrats to all the other great entries that won !!

Some real "beautiful" buggers!

Wow! Great close up nature shots. Impressive.

All of my favorite moth photos won!🏆
Congratulations to the well-deserved winners!


They're gorgeous!