The Old Dog Presents: The Moth Madness Photo Contest!

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Are moths just butterflies ugly cousins? No way! There are many beautiful moths and your challenge is to find and photograph them!

I saw this aptly named Jersey Tiger Moth Euplagia quadripunctaria and it got me thinking!

Before We Start Here is How to Recognize a Moth

Are you unsure as to the difference between a moth and a butterfly? Here's a quick guide to help you out.

Source: Chart is from

Here Are A Few Cool Facts About Moths

  • Moths outnumber butterflies by a ratio of 9 to 1
  • The smallest moth has a wingspan of 2 mm and the largest a wingspan of 28 cm
  • Most moths are nocturnal but many are active during the day. 
  • Moths are often mistaken for butterflies, bees or hummingbirds!

What We're Looking For

In this contest we want to see beautiful moths! Let's prove that moths are not just butterflies ugly cousins!

 Here Are The Contest Rules

  • Show me a photo of a beautiful moth!
  • Post your photos in the comment section below
  • The photo must be yours NOT one that you find on the internet.
  • Maximum of 2 entries per person
  • If you make a post promoting the contest I'll try and give it an upvote as well
  • There will be at least 5 prizes of 1 Steem each but a total of 10 Steem in prizes
  • The contest closes in 7 days

I recently had another 5 Steem donation from @dswigle for me to use in my contests. I'll include them in the prizes for this contest so we'll have a total of 10 Streem to give away! Thanks again @dswigle!

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The lappet Moth (Gastropacha quercifolia) is a moth of the familiy of Lasiocampidae. In 2017 I had the great luck to breed this moth for the first time. An extraordinary animal, which is worth to be put in the best light.

Kupferglucke Gastropacha quercifolia_Q22A712418_HFBF.jpg

Fabulous! Thanks for joining us!

Great shot, man: congrats! 👏

Oh, I thought that moths are not interesting at all until I saw some amazing species. Here is my first entry - perheps the most beautiful moth I have ever encountered and photographed. I think it is fall webworm.


Wow that is one beautiful moth great find !!

Thank you! I saw it just once at the entrance of my working place. It was not spectacular from a distance, because the spots were seen just when I did the close-up.

It does look gorgeous i love it's furry head !!


Thank you.

What an incredibly gorgeous moth photo! @nelinoeva I believe I would bow my head and stammer "Your Highness" if ever I came across such a royal sight! Looks like it's wearing a fur-lined cloak 🦋

Hi Nina, so glad to see you back, 😀
Yes, I thought the same, it is royal outfit. Thank you very much for your comment!

The pleasure is mine! Thank you for the kind words. Happy Friday!

Celebrating all the beauty found in the majestic garden of life. Oh, yes. I raise my glass to the nature of it all.

This a Hummingbird Moth and it is quiet fast-moving! Rapid-beating wings and a furry body give the Hummingbird Moth the appearance of a small hummingbird, but this moth lacks the long, thin beak, which is one of the hallmarks of a real hummingbird. Instead, the Hummingbird Moth has a proboscis that reaches deep into flowers.

Unlike most moths, the hummingbird moth is most active during daytime hours or close to dusk.

Thank you for hosting another awesome contest @kus-knee! Here is my entry, well ahead of time, for a change!

Upped and Steemed


@dswigle what a great shot!

I love this one!
it pays me a visit every now and then
still does despite that the lavenders in the backyard are all dried and wilted
apparently it also loves the fuschia there :)

edit : my vote goes on this one Old Dog :D

OK great!

That’s a great shot! We love seeing those in our garden!

I am always excited when I see them and NEVER have the camera! They are too quick. I will say the first time I saw one, I thought it WAS a hummingbird!

Highly rEsteemed!


Good one!

I used to find a ton of really cool looking and huge moths out in Arizona. Moths are great! I'm cool with most insects... except for mosquitoes -- those guys suck!

I'd like to add black flies to the not appreciated list!


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Hey @guurg, here is your BEER token. Enjoy it!

Wow, it was just a few days ago when I took my probably first ever close up of a moth :)


It is the box tree moth - Cydalima perspectalis.

Thanks for hosting this very original contest @kus-knee.

Pure beauty: thanks, @phortun!

Thank you :)

Thank you and a fresh !BEER taken! ;)

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Very cool contest @kus-knee!

This settled on the wall of our back porch where I found it a few mornings back, after we accidentally left the light on overnight.


I like the way the wing patterns look almost like a desert sandstone pattern. A little research suggests this is a "Barred Hooktip." I played around with it a little more, and ended up with a post, as well:

Great find and a great opportunity to build knowledge about the world around us!

This beauty flew to our veranda at night. She is very large and beautiful.

Cream-spot Tiger (Arctia villica) is one of the most beautiful moths in the family of Arctiinae.
A great find to which I can only congratulate!

Here’s a man that knows his moths!


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Well done!

Thank :)

Pro tip for how to take a picture of a moth.

Step one: wait until it's dark outside.

Step two: turn on single light in house. Does not matter if its neon, incandescent or led. Does not matter how bright or weak it is.

Step three: open door and wait 10 minutes.

Step four: quickly slam door shut. House is now filled with moths.

Step five: select prettiest moth out of the dozens if not hundreds that are now in your home. Take photo and submit.

Step six: try to get rid of remaining moths from inside home. Good luck suckas!!!!! Lololol

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Nice recipe for both success and failure!

Mine isnt as interesting as some that are posted but for fun

Very nice!

Ahahhahahh, that's a crazy funny howto!

I am not sure but i do think this is a moth giving the size of the wingspan and coloring i call it the Tiger Moth he or she was happily resting in my garden :)))))

Entry No - 1


Never seen such moth. It is amazing.

Neither have i , i wanted to take it home it was so pretty !!


Thank you @kus-knee i wanted to take it home it was so pretty !!

Show me a photo of a beautiful moth!

I couldn't find one. But here's a photo of my wall where there easily could have been one.

If I'm honest, I'd be a little worried about the health of this platform if I won

Good to see you here @trafalgar. I LOVE you humour! I must say that your push for the new voting curve is working out for the better despite my initial worries!


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Wow, your wall combined with my moth would make an unbeatable entry to this contest. Such a nice wall! :D

Well I have not seen any moths lately but have seen some scary spiders. Perhaps I may find a moth ball or two LOL.

I will wait patiently for 7 days!

Well I know this should be tagged NSFW and is a bit risque, but I always like to show support for the Old Dog and what can be better than one moth? Well two moths working on making more moths LOL!!

20190804_152740 (2).jpg

Interesting and the match the color of the brick so well!

I was walking home from work the other day coming down the side alley towards my apartment when i noticed this huge moth walking up this brick wall fence and just before it was over the other side of this brick wall fence i managed to capture one shot before she disappeared out of sight over the wall , i absolutely love moths they are in a class of their own huge and colorful you know their are approximately 160,000 species of moths many of which have yet to be described just extraordinary mother nature.


Great addition. Thanks!

Thank you @kus-Knee 🌝

That means we have to do something at night! Let's see moth can be found this time!


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Looking forward to what you can find!

  ·  10 months ago (edited)

This huge moth the size of a B52 Bomber came landing into my girl friends shop probably looking for a refuel , amazing color and big wing-spam 👀

Entry No #2


It is no doubt beautiful and a great find.

I’m far from am expert but according to the identification chart that I posted I believe it to be a butterfly. Do you know for sure?

You are possibly right i just googled it and it is saying it's a swallow tail butterfly i was going by the size of it's wings and body size or well i will see what else i may have in my archive.

Have a great weekend 👍

This huge Moth entered our room at a resort we were staying in Bali and just decided to land on the window curtains in our room and made itself comfortable while i was taking some photos of this beautiful lady .

Entry No - 2.



Very velvety looking!

True like beautiful silk :)))

Well done!

I could hardly differentiate butterflies and months, K am grateful for the guide shared in being able to know the difference between them.

Great! Now that you can identify them please send a picture of a moth from Nigeria. That would be so cool!

Alright, I'll try.

  ·  10 months ago Reveal Comment

I think that it's a beauty!

This lovely leopard moth spent an entire day sleeping on my back deck, and then I have never seen one since.mkdsoyg5of.jpg


Thanks! It's hard to tell in the photo, but it was really quite large.

for @kus-knee

Hello @kus-knee, here's my entry.