The Old Dog Presents: A Tree Huggers Contest Winners With Bonus APX Tokens!

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I LOVE trees and judging by the photos of  so many of you hugging them you do too! 

There were supposed to be 5 Steem and 10 APX tokens up for grabs but I'm upping the rewards and there will be 14 winners!

As a reminder here is what we were looking for!

Would You Like to See The Winners? Let's go!

First Here Are The Eight Steem Token Winners

What a great big enthusiastic Steem hug from @isabelpena!

I love this hug by @dexpartacus! Thanks for playing along and having fun!

It took a team to give this tree the hug that it deserves. Thanks @hangin

This tree was providing some comfort for @olga.maslievich. You can read about it on her blog!

Here's a deeply emotional night time hug from @fitinfun

The love shown here is really oozing out! Great find @bigsambucca

This tree really came alive during its hug! Way to go @sunscape

This tree would need a whole army of huggers. What a Great pic from @dkkarolien

Here Are The Six APX Winners Who Posted Using Appics

@axeman-appics is a master of composition as you can see here!

What a cute photo from @uwe.apx

@karenmckersie is highly active on Appics  and she just had to get and and hug this tree!

This looooooong shot from @onealfa.appics is fabulous!

@mers looks so cool and her purse even matches the leaves on the trees!

What a great shot from @melinda010100!

There You Have Our Latest Winners

Payments will go out in the next 24 hours! Feel the power and the speed of Steem, the functioning community blockchain! Isn't it awesome? Don't forget to check your tokens in which I used to transfer the Appics tokens!

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Until next time,   

@kus-knee (The Old Dog)  

Let's Succeed Together!


Well done.

Thanks for joining in the fun.

Thanks so much as I previousely posted on your latest posting @kus-knee , glad I noticed this post as well with all the winners listed, A Big Congrats to everyone that participated and helped to spread the Appics word around, Go Go Appics always happy to promote APX !!😄👍😍💯 upped and resteemed

Thanks for the support!

Thank you for the tree-hugging fun. Congratulations to all.

Yes it was a lot of fun!

Thank you friend @kus-knee!
I was able to share my pain here!

I'm glad that you joined us.

Thank you so much @kus-knee so many great entries congrats to all the winners 👍

Yes it was a great contest!

You do always come up with some cool contests 👍

This contest was simply great!
Thanks man!😉💪
A lot of beautiful people here!👏
Have a great 2020 you all!!😀🍹🥂🍾

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I loved your photo!

I love all this hugging! Congrats to all and thanks for the APX!

Yes it was great!

That is a lot of hugging going on! You got sent so many good ones! Congratulations to all the winners!


Thanks so much!

The pleasure is mine!

Thank you so much @kus-knee and a Happy New Year to you :))

It was lots of fun!

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Outstanding shots!