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The Steemit jar was full...

And the contest post posted. The guesses rolled in and there were a few that were very close! I am actually very happy about the winner because they are a small newer account. I believe this reward will help them a lot!

But before we get to announcing the winner,I would like to take a minute to thank everyone who participated. So thank you, @fredkese, @onestopfacts, @mermaidvampire, @the.big.bang, @rentmoney, @rpcaceres, @jurich60, @maxwellmarcusart, @abidemiademok21, @hermannsol, @syalla, @queencook, @motherlylove, @powermom, @deantonio, @cdaveboyles23, @lammbock, @wholeself-in, @cadawg, @dfinney, @sparkesy43, @strongwoman, @proto26, @pushpedal, @elbrava, @bliss11, @qwerrie, @eii, @uzairk, @samsemilia7, @ayjoe, @saun, @mrnightmare89, @benedict08, @alokkumar121, @putu300, @apenny, @dipoabasch, @skramatters, @olivia08, @minimining, @cicisaja, @erixink, @chrismadcboy2016, @blog-beginner.

A huge thanks for everyone who played. I truly do appreciate it!!!! But on to the winner....



The actual amount we cashed in was $210.19. Not too bad for just collecting coins for posting to Steemit!

Thanks again to everyone who played! All rewards have been sent out. If you believe I have made any errors or you didn't receive your portion,PLEASE let me know so I can fix it.😁

I would like to take a second to also thank #NEWSTEEM for helping to make this possible. With the recent changes I (personally) have seen a great increase in my returns for the investments I've made. Enough so that I have recently further invested. I also am discovering that mainly the serious minded people of our community are continuing on and that a lot of the spam has dried up. Thanks to everyone that are doing their part to take this place to it's position of full potential!

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Thank you @johndoer123 from contest and steem. Congratulations to the winner @uzairk.

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cool. best wishes on growing to you, @uzairk

Congratulation Wohooo! #newsteem to the MOON!

Thanks @johndoer12 for the slice, and congrats also to @uzairk for the win!

Thank you @johndoer123 for the contest and the prize.
And thanks @qwerrie , @strongwoman for the wishes ☺️.

Congratulations to the winner and I got my own share of the goodies 😊
Thanks John

Thank you! Appreciate you sharing that jar of change!

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Thank you!

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Congratulations winner! Thanks Gentleman@johndoer123 for this gift to us!
Thanks again!

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Thanks for the reward @johndoer123 and congratulations to winner

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