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Digital art by @xpilar

After traveling millions of kilometers through the outer space, we woke up in our suspended animation capsules. The artificial intelligence of the ship had led us to this small planet very similar to ours, which from the orbit looked greenish blue.

The mission of the space expedition was to verify if the beautiful blue planet can sustain human life.

Once restored from the long dream and verified the ship's systems, Captain Cooper, commander of the spaceship Steem Ligth, selected two of his crew to accompany him in the exploration module and thus departed in the tiny but solid aircraft to The surface of the planet.

The descent was rapid, lasted approximately nine minutes, the gray clouds covered the entire high atmosphere, the sensors indicated that the composition of the air was quite similar to the terrestrial, but the first impression upon reaching the surface was being in a desert of water.

Cooper told the crewman to land in the waters, the sensors indicated that they were shallow, exactly 4 meters deep. The ship was designed with the ability to navigate in an underwater area.

As we slow down, we enter that unexplored planetary ocean, without any disturbance. The view was very clear, as if we were in a pool. Thus we begin the tour through that monotonous marine landscape, without a trace of life.

After two hours, we saw some somewhat strange stone structures perched on the yellowish aquatic sand. Definitely, their forms indicated artificiality, they were not a freak of the nature of that apparently desolate planet. Although the dolmens were clean and very well preserved, they also indicated that it was the vestige of a catastrophe.

We take photographs of the gray structures from different angles and then examine them in the Mothership. With these findings, we will return to the Steem Light, with more questions than answers, our long exploratory trip now looked very promising, what else will we find in the next few days?

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Original by @janaveda