The Hive Creative Curation Contest Brought to you by Snibby the Cat! // 25 HIVE PRIZE! // Plus Upvotes, 25 Palcoin, and 25 Creativecoin Prizes!

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The Hive Creative Curation Contest Brought to you by Snibby the Cat!

  • 25 Hive will be split between the top 3 winners!

  • 25 Palcoin and 25 Creative Coin will be awarded as staked (powered up) rewards to my cat's favorite posts!

  • Up to 10 Posts will be selected and upvoted with the msp-music, msp-curation, and minnowsupport accounts!

Submit Your Creative Post!

You can submit your Hive link here in the comments.

Please make sure that your submissions are original, creative works (music, art, fiction, poetry, etc).

The deadline for submissions is Thursday, May 28th at 11:00 AM CST.

Hive Creative Winners!

First Place!

[Hive Exclusive Demo] Spyro the Dragon Meets Liquid Drum & Bass (Creative Coin Contest Entry)

Second Place!

IT'S TIME TO BREATHE: Project in watercolor.

Third Place!

This is my art entry into the Hive Creative Curation Contest created by Snibby the Cat :) I drew a Cat


Hive banner by @derangedvisions

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Wow! Thank you @isaria and Snibby the Cat! I was playing a bit more Spyro the Dragon yesterday and that game still frustrates the hell out of me sometimes lol!

Congratulations to the other winners! I'll be back with a post later for this week's contest!

You are the Goddess sound of @splinterlands I love your music.

¡So much talent in one contest! ¡Congratulations to the winners! This is my entry. Enjoy guys!! :)


Hello Isaria,

Thanks and congrats to all winners!

Here's my entry for this week.

Well done to the winners awesome..
And my entry for the next competition
masters clive.png

Congratulation to ALL the winners @nickyhavey @andreasalas @apprentice001

Thanks a lot @jesusmedit!

Thank you so much @isaria. It is an honor to be one of the winners. Look forward to this weeks' contest

My GIF IMAGE CREATION as My entry for creative Contest :D

can I participate by playing one of my songs on the piano?