Creative Coin Contest! // Week 41 // 500 Creative Coin Prize!

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Creative Coin Contest!

5 or 6 Winners Each Week!

Each winner will receive 100 staked Creative Coin!!!

Hive Engine is live so the Creative Coin prizes will now be sent through Hive Engine.

And when you use the creativecoin tag on your Hive post it will be rewarded with Creative Coin on Hive Engine.

Thanks to everyone who submitted and please keep submitting!

Winners of Week 40!

"Still life in the orange color"

Hive story - We started singing with rain, then rainbow and finally sun shined

See The World #29 - Geamăna (The sunken village and the toxic lake from Transylvania)

She has wings the color of wild and soul the color of art

"Konoyaro! This isn't the time to be selfish. Baka!" - The Pirates in love.

Abundance Tribe Logo Contest

How to Submit for Week 41!

All you need to do is drop a link to your creative post in the comments.

A team of secret judges (cats) will choose 5 posts each week.

Each winner will receive 100 Creative Coin!

The deadline for submissions is Monday, May 11th.

The Winners will be announced Tuesday, May 12th!

What can I submit to this contest?

The following forms of creative posts will be accepted for the Creative Coin contest:

Original Music Recordings, Music Performance (Covers or Originals), Written Compositions in Sheet Music Form, Musical Instrument creation or repair, Music Theory, Music Journalism, Art, Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Digital Art, Photography, Visual Arts, Original Creative Videos, Film, Motion Pictures, Claymation, Creative Writing, Fiction, Poetry, Short Stories, 50 Word Stories, Creative Non-Fiction, Crafting, Jewelry Making, Home Improvement Projects, Gardening, Sustainability Projects, Off-grid Projects, Cooking, Theatre, Acting, Dancing, Architecture, Graphic Design, Performance art, Costume and Fashion design , Makeup tutorials, comedy sketches, etc.

Thanks again to everyone who is supporting Creative Coin and I look forward to seeing/hearing/reading all your lovely creations!!!

GIF by the amazing @elgeko


Cats like birds, right? I wonder if they like digital art birds? Here is a post with my latest creations - ten new images:


Queridos!! esta es mi entrada, espero que les guste. Muchas gracias por mantener este concurso semana tras semana. Dear! this is my post, i hope you like it Thank you very much for holding this contest week after week. ^n^


Awww, fantastico :D

lindo, muy lindo. :3


I will love to join this creative contest.

Wooow 😊
Thank you 😊

Wohoo! Thank you so much!!! :D

How happy to see you here @isaria 🤗 a hug!!

Thank you so much!


¡Hi guys! Congratulations to the winners. this is my entry of the week. enjoy ;)
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