Creative Coin Contest! // Week 35 // 500 Creative Coin Prize! // Please read for upcoming changes!

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Creative Coin Contest!

5 Winners Each Week!

Each winner will receive 100 staked Creative Coin!!!

In the future, this will be a Hive only contest.
However, Hive Engine doesn't exist yet so Creative Coin is still currently tied to Steem.
So, I'm still going to be posting this contest on Hive as well as Steem until Hive Engine gets up and running and we can make that transition.

So, the creative coin prize will still be sent through Steem Engine.

As far as this transition period...
We are currently in the process of setting up the ability to reward Creative Coin through the Hive front ends. At this time, Creative Coin is still being rewarded only on Steem front ends.
Once the process is implemented you will be able to use the creativecoin tag on your Hive post and be rewarded with Creative Coin on Steem Engine.
When Hive Engine is active we will move exclusively to Hive.

I will make a post when that process is implemented.

If you have any questions about Hive please contact me in Discord, thanks.

Thanks to everyone who submitted and please keep submitting!

Winners of Week 34!

Meteorites? better a super spaceship against lizards | Digital Art


Splinterlands Art Contest! // Week 76

Mouse Exterminator Step by Step +Original+Gif Animation @jesusmedit 65

Sometimes... Why?

How to Submit for Week 35!

All you need to do is drop a link to your creative post in the comments.

A team of secret judges (cats) will choose 5 posts each week.

Each winner will receive 100 Creative Coin!

The deadline for submissions is Monday, March 30th.

The Winners will be announced Tuesday, March 31st!

What can I submit to this contest?

The following forms of creative posts will be accepted for the Creative Coin contest:

Original Music Recordings, Music Performance (Covers or Originals), Written Compositions in Sheet Music Form, Musical Instrument creation or repair, Music Theory, Music Journalism, Art, Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Digital Art, Photography, Visual Arts, Original Creative Videos, Film, Motion Pictures, Claymation, Creative Writing, Fiction, Poetry, Short Stories, 50 Word Stories, Creative Non-Fiction, Crafting, Jewelry Making, Home Improvement Projects, Gardening, Sustainability Projects, Off-grid Projects, Cooking, Theatre, Acting, Dancing, Architecture, Graphic Design, Performance art, Costume and Fashion design , Makeup tutorials, comedy sketches, etc.

Thanks again to everyone who is supporting Creative Coin and I look forward to seeing/hearing/reading all your lovely creations!!!

GIF by the amazing @elgeko

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thanks @isaria for choose mi post <3 exterminador de ratones xd

Congratulations to the winners