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Welcome to Punday Monday!

FYI, new prize rules, see below.


New To Punday?

Pull up a stool, order a spiked PUNch, and get to know some of the regulars. I'm your PUNtender, @improv.

How To Make a Pun

This contest is open to everyone. Here's a handy dandy guide on how to make a pun: Learn to Pun

Rules for the PUN-test:

  • If you hope to win a prize, your pun must be your original work
  • Puns must be relevant to the topic of the week to win a prize, but they can be very loosely related.

Last Week's Punday Monday:

Here is last week's Punday Monday, and all the puns that were eligible to win this week are in the comments!

Hang on to your PUNderwear. The Winners of This Week's PUNday Monday Are...

(GIF by @littlescribe)

Rookie of the Week:


Pocket Choice Awards:

I am of the opinion that there are four responses to creative works one doesn’t like.

  1. Constructive criticism. Help them get better!
  2. Useful review. Help audience members know which of them will like and which won’t like this piece.
  3. Outdo them. Demonstrate to yourself and others what “good” looks like.
  4. Keep it to yourself.

There is, however, only one way to respond to creative work one DOES like.

  1. Send them POCKET.

What pun was your favorite?

No voters! Where’s @paul.atreides? @mensa-sig? @richatvns and his posse?

  • POCKET Choice Winner's Circle Season One:

@aloha-creations, @professorbromide, @tcpolymath, @miniature-tiger, @lilygolightly, @chrisroberts, @stinawog, @f3nix, @doctorcrypto, @heroic15397, @littlescribe, @diebitch, @acolucky, @ablaze, and @paul.atreides.

  • POCKET Choice Winners' Circle Season Two:

@ablaze, @coinsandchains, @dollarsandsense, @doctorcrypto, @heroic15397, @littlescribe, @jk6276, @acolucky, @deceth, @richatvns, @wpkwolfe, @stanism, @lordoffaux, @blockingback, @theartofori, @rainite, @chrisroberts, @kharma.scribbles, and @mensa-sig

  • POCKET Choice Winners' Circle Season Three:

It’s still season two.

Grand Prize (which isn’t bigger than the other prizes, just grander):



And What Prizes Do They Win, You Ask?

  • SBI

See @steembasicincome for details. I’ll sponsor each qualified entrant for two SBI levels each week! Each winning entry will get an additional two SBI!
This week,

Our entrants were:
@quantumdeveloper, @jacuzzi
Our winners were:
@quantumdeveloper, @jacuzzi

This Week's Pun Topic Is:

As in,

Why do the other vegetables salute the corn? Because no other vegetable outranks a kernel.

Awesome joke. Nonetheless, I think you can do better.

I'm So Good at Puns

If you've never punned before, it might seem like magic! You can do it, too! Learn how in My Free How-To Guide on Punning!

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The salute my private made to the general's daughter was the reason everyone got quarter-decked

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I salute the punster that can make a joke with that word.

Think of military puns. There's a bunch of words ripe for punning in those.

My Italian friend owns a music shop but needed help identifying a certain stringed instrument. I told him...
It's a lute!

Man, this is taxing my brain! Still working on it though. 😊

Ha! You got this!

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Maybe, but right now...



Dang, I'm conceding defeat this week, but I'll keep an eye open for the new contest!

I'll post it in a few hours, after the kiddo is in bed.

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Sounds like a plan! And good luck with bedtime! 😂

(and I just peeked before I hit, "Post" and saw it's up. Heading over now...)