SBI Contest #004 | Self Portrait Challenge

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Hello Steemians!!
I am again back with SBI Contest. This is our fourth contest and it is gonna be about selfies. so, took a best selfie and post it out here in the comments.
No Upvote, resteem required but if u wanna support the contest you can upvote or resteem.


  • Post your best edited selfie in the comment or make a post tagging this contest and comment the link in the comment.
  • Only one entry per person.
  • 1/2 SBI Reward to the best selfie (if it seems to be a draw then i'll reward two participants.)
  • contest will close in 48 hours.

I want to support the contest.

  1. Upvote the contest
  2. Resteem my contests.
  3. If you have some extra steem you can also host a contest. Just send me a memo with your username and #SUPPORTGIVEAWAY.
  4. Follow me to get notified for regular contest updates

For Resteemers

As I said there is something cool coming out resteemers. so, here it is-

  • From now there'll be a separate reward pool for those who will resteem this and all my the upcoming posts.
  • Rewards will be sent to your wallet within 72 hours of winners announcement post.

In the next post (in two days), I'll use a tool to choose the winner for this giveaway.

If you like my work kindly resteem it.

I request all previous users to join the contest.
@maykolcontreras @shaungerow@bernardtan@amityadav75752@mango-juice@chrismadcboy2016@libertycrypto27@steemizm@chireerocks@fredkese@olivia08@treodecimo@aekraj@iamarpitpatidar@dailyjackpot@harlhana@hokkaido @vote-transfer@teutonium@lammbock@ultratrain@mangajp

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Here's my first ever Steem selfie. Not sure why, but ever since the last HF I haven't bee able to see any images in Steemit so not sure if this contest is still on...

Thanks for the contest! Since SBI can only be given in full increments (1 STEEM per name sponsored), are you keeping points for 1/2 units and then giving later?

thanks @khan.dayyanz,
well I know that SBI can only be give in whole numbers so what i mean is I'll give regular 1 SBI reward, but in case if more entries looks good then I'll award two or even more SBI.

This is what i mean

Thank you for the clarification!

I think he mean 1 or 2 SBI shares not half. :)

Hey thanks! That was awesome😍

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Play time guys

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My entry:
I was trimming my moringa tree and while on the top, I took my selfie jejejeje. My boss shouted telling me, you will be falling down because of being selfie addicted.

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If you like to join the contest,please follow @adityajainxds for daily updates.

Special Thanks to @majes.tytyty

We are pleased to announce that we have received a delegation of 500 SP from @majes.tytyty,Without his support, encouragement, and delegation, we would not have been able to revitalize this project.

Request you to please Upvote , Follow , Resteem @majes.tytyty.