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A Favorite Freewrite

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My recommendation will be @fitinfun this post:

By this post author wanted to spread awareness about water and make us realize how quality of drinking water is disgusting throughout the world!

In our world water hold a great importance. We all have certain kind of experience with water.

The Author beautifully wrote her experience about the water from her childhood experience to till date. She said when she was of 4 year, she used to drink water from tap which comes from a river, untreated and unprocessed always hold either particulate matter or other fault. When she became adult then also she used to drink untreated water.
She know that It's harmful but still she had no choice.
Throughout the post author tried to spread the awareness about pure water important that currently government is not thinking about it.

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Thank you so much for the recommendation, @saun. I am so glad you liked the post and got value from it :)

Ok, finally, I now see your nomination - I'm sorry it took me so long to find it, @saun! (Carol)

@sacra97 wrote a simple but powerful tale that spoke to me of the hollowness of existence in the 21st century. I believe this was meant to be mostly about life in Venezuela today. It could, however, apply to any of us who spend hours online. Nothing much happens in the story except waiting and watching, and the effect on me was thought provoking. https://steempeak.com/spanish/@sacra97/the-place-is-very-beautiful-5-minute-freewrite-spanish-freewrite-19-de-agosto-de-2019-mensaje-diario-de-5-minutos

@wakeupkitty is BAAAACK with this one https://steempeak.com/palnet/@wakeupkitty/a-story-about-idiots-good-people-a-raven-and-wolf-uztl54z1. This is a destiny or free choice fable with stolen babies, talking ravens, a wolf and a driven mother. There is magic, timelessness and wonder, @wakeupkitty style. Warning: you are left with a very big question and wanting more!

Thanks for recommending me. The more is in there, in the tale, if you are looking for it. 😘💕

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Oh yes thanks for letting me know! It's so hard to keep up with everything I want to keep up with!

Same here. I am here day and night and am still running after the facts ☹

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I'm confused. Have you written a second part to this story? I can't find it if you did. Or did you mean the answer to my question is already in the first story?

No I did not write a second part. I leave it the way it is. Sorry for the confusion. I meant to say the answers to your questions are in this, first and only, story.


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  ·  6 months ago (edited)

It goes that if you understood it, it is that thorn that is left to us, as it is possible that we do not have telephone service, it has become of total rejection in my Venezuela, before the harassment of bad policies. It is true this could be reflected anywhere in the world, thanks very kind your comment


Vaya que si lo entendiste, es esa espinita que nos va quedando,como es posible que no tengamos servicio telefonico, se haya vuelto de total rechazo en mi venezuela, ante el acoso de malas politicas. Es verdad esto podria verse reflejado en cualquier lugar del mundo, gracias muy amable tu comentario

The only thing they've left you is access to information?! That proves that the internet is used as a tool to control populations. When you get hungry enough, they can just start feeding you exactly what they want you to think, starving your minds last. Who controls the internet in Venezuela?

The government controls everything, we had to pay in provado to fix it, the internet is very necessary, bank payments, orders for spare parts for work and for me to continue writing. He doesn't care about the deterioration at all levels is part of the chaos and disaster. @owasco

El gobierno controla todo, tuvimos que pagar en provado para que lo arreglaran, el internet es muy necesario, pagos bancos, pedidos de repuestos para el trabajo y para yo seguir escribiendo. No le importa el deterioro que hay a todo nivel es parte del caos y desastre


I ran across a #freewrite continuation post from @ireenchew on the prompt super food. She writes about a witch and her antics, I haven't had a chance to read the other six parts but witches really intrigued me. We streamed the Amazon Prime series called Salem and we really got hooked. Please take a look at @ireenchew's Freewrite. 👍

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This Spanish #freewrite from @sacra97 reflects in a brilliant way part of that daily struggle that we Venezuelans live, it has hit me right in the feelings as it says.


  ·  6 months ago (edited)

Grateful with your words, it is a sad reality, the week before with a crazy fan, we had disconnected the internet to all, we joined and paid to be solved privately, and always as is the Venezuelan himself, we took snack , coffee, cookies, lunch, soda, so we are. @darthgexe @freewritehouse

Thanks for the support

Agradecida con tus palabras, es una triste realidad, la semana anterior con una ventolera loca, se nos habia desconetacto el internet a todos, nos unimos y pagamos para que lo solucionaran en forma privada, y siempre como es el propio venezolano, le llevamos merienda, café, galletas, almuerzo, refresco, asi somos.

I have two favorites from the "running water" prompt this week both a eerie fiction, so I must be growing on my freewrite journey! At least I hope these are both fiction...

We get an interesting tale of a lost mermaid in the poem by @poemsofasickmind. Poetry even! Yes! I really like the sad, scared angry character and the mysterious ending.


@mr-neil gives us another spooky tale in this story of a freezer possessed. What starts out as a mystery here is solved but not with an answer of what is really going on. Sometimes pacifying the ghost is all you can do!


Thank you very much for the recommend. I didn't even have an idea for a story, I just wrote and it developed.

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The clown. The hammer. @darthgexe I cannot unsee this one!
VR (Virtual Reality) isn't really the setting, but I've read several novels where it is, and this story could evolve from a freewrite to a publishable tale in an anthology (Samuel Peralta is an Amazon god of themed anthologies).
What an image--as startling as those jack-in-the-box toys when our children saw them for the first time. I love the effect you create here.
And I wish that real life came with an "Escape" button, and we could heave a sigh of relief and say, "Thank God it was only a video game."

@freewritehouse, Kindly find the below piece for your reference.


Sometimes life feels like joke and we saw at times that people ruled by those who are not willing at all but they belongs to particular royal family as per wierd patterns of this world they receive that position. And one thing we see in this world and that is, most of the times people wear a mask of Goodness but hides evil truth behind it.

Keep up team and stay blessed.

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Oh dear, it's already Tuesday again, and it's bedtime, but I'm determined to recommend a freewrite before I fall asleep!
This week I would like to recommend @hlezama's Mother Kitchen. He describes how his mother both ruled in the kitchen and also shared it with her children, teaching them all how to cook, boys and girls alike. He didn't exactly say so, but I got the impression everybody also learned how to clean up after themselves. He mentions foods that I have never eaten; now I want to know how his mother prepared bananas! And what are arepas? I better do some research inspired by a freewrite! And the macaw that guarded the kitchen in later years was a great ending to the story.

I hate to break it to you, but this piece was already highlighted in last week's Favorites:

I can always add your comments this week, though, with a postscript, because I for one am a champion of freewrites that are "old"--days, weeks, my gosh I even find 3-years-old posts that bear revisiting. Let us never forget the classics! Some like it hot, some like it cold, some like it in the pot nine days old...


Well, I did have good intentions. ha ha! That's what I get for doing Steemit stuff at bedtime. Lesson learned? Perhaps.

You can't possibly have a learning curve as steep as mine - the blunders, the mistakes, the mishaps, would have me evicted, if anyone were keeping score.
Nobody here, not even a bot, keeping score of all my gaffes!
I love @mariannewest and @freewritehouse for the patience and non-enforcement of rules. :) And for a million other reasons.

Amen to that!