My Top 3 Favorite Road Trip Songs (of which only one is actually a road trip song)

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I am funny in that, I have some quirks that probably aren't very noticeable to most, but one of them is taking things literally. So, when I see a contest that asks for a list of 3 favorite things, (of any type or class), I normally would only respond if I actually have such a list of 3 favorites in the category, or if I can honestly compose the list. If I don't have either, I do not feel right entering a list that doesn't meet the criteria or the spirit of the request.

So I replied this morning to a question asked in a post by @nickyhavey, as to why the reader hasn't entered, as it's the last day to do so, and kind of explained this quirk of mine as to why I haven't entered. In the reply I did acknowledge that I do know ONE road trip-type song, which is the 99 bottles of beer song which we all know, and which I expected to be in literally everyone's list, but most I've looked at exclude it.

So, for roadtrip songs that are my favorite road trip songs, there is this one alone:

Of course, since the request is for a list of THREE favorite road trip songs, and the fact that I only know of one, the other two I am listing are just two of my favorite songs period. I realize this is not fulfilling the requested entry of road trip songs, but I am being led to believe it is okay. So here is one of my "un-categorized favorite" songs:

I've decided to get a little "clever" with my third and last song, which is truly one of my ALL-TIME favorite songs. A song that I fell in love with the very first time I heard it, many many moons ago, and the song also includes "99." In fact, that's its name! :)

I hope that my cheating in this contest isn't taken too harshly, as I was "coerced" into making this post! Really! I was!

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Haha so you decided to enter with no pressure whatsoever 😉 nice one 😁and I am sure you would have played your favourite songs whilst driving or on the road at some point? Put them in a playlist and away you go!

Looking forward to listening in to them later when I get back from work!

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I could put them in a playlist, but I'm not big on playlists anyway, and I really can't use them if I'm traveling. When traveling alone, I've got to have songs from the radio most of the time. Someone else picking what will play next, otherwise I'd get bored and maybe fall asleep!

The only time I use a playlist is when I'm at the gym for my workouts, and then it's always the same playlist because it's not so much what I'm listening to that's important, but what keeps me grinding it out to the end of the workout.

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We are always ok with a little rule-bending, especially to get more people to join in on the fun! Glad @nickyhavey's coercion worked to get you to jump in for this round! I don't know why I didn't even think about the 99 bottles of beer song, but totally makes sense as a good one for a road trip. Jimmy Buffet is definitely a classic one, especially since one of the last road trips I went on was in fact down to the A1A area. Great to see you this month with some solid choices!

That's good to know. I'll check the contest out each week, and if I can do a post on the subject of the week, I will. :)

I think it's an excellent cheat! And I agree. I could never come up with three for any of those contests so I don't enter them either.
Jimmy Buffet "in your belly you hold the treasure". Love that song.
Never heard the third choice before. Thanks for bringing it out.

Yep A Pirate Looks at Forty is the definitive Jimmy Buffett song for me. Lots of good memories with that song. Did you like 99 when you heard it? I liked it instantly, and it took a long time until I heard it again and I found out it was by Toto. Thanks for dropping by!

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I was a bit confused on how to send it, because it said what I send is to be in sbd. In your graphic, it's a mixture, and I didn't know if I was to calculate the value of the steem to sbd, so I sent .1 sbd which I think should cover it, and if there's extra, it's good. :)