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RE: Steem's best thumbnails of the week: a weekly showcase + design tips + 32 STEEM in prizes

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My advice: NEVER make thumbnails larger than 200kb. It is really tough on peoples mobile credits to go larger than that. Your thumbnail is over 5MB tall. That is actual money you leech out of the pockets from people, who depend on their mobile credit. is our friend - but don't use PNG if you get HQ JPGs with similar quality for way less.


@flauwy, It is nevertheless a sound advice, and I will be using this tool for shrinking the thumbnail size, and recommending it on my future posts of this kind. I just checked it out and the image quality is untouched while the file size is dramatically decreased on JPEG (up to 10% vs 50% on PNG). Thank you.

However, my advice to you would be to work on your phrasing:

I'm not leeching any money from anyone's pockets.

You make it sound like I am stealing from the people who don't know there are ways to avoid downloading large images on their end.

If anyone's leeching anything those are the phone ISP's.

People with poor ass data conections can always choose to not download images or download very low quality versions. It's an option on the settings of any browser/phone nowadays.

We are almost in 2020.

Ultimately they can unfollow me...

Actually, that was already the censored version. But I am trying to phrase my words better in the future. Apparently, you were struggling to find the right words as well, looking at how many times you have edited your comment. ;-)

P.S. When you shrink PNGs with transparent backgrounds, they usually get 70-90% smaller, without quality loss.

Should I send you some Steem to buy some credit for your phone?

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