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Sigh.. falling behind again with my contest posts... but don't worry, they are still on the radar... just a little bit late! Thanks to everyone who entered the Justifications SBI Giveaway, it was interesting to read how we make things make sense to ourselves... despite the fact that if someone else did the same, we might be slightly disturbed!

My wife has recently started a job working as an accompanist at a school and also a university... playing with dancers! Anyway, it is a weird experience for her, as it means that she needs to start working more in collaboration with a team of co-workers... like the administration and also the dance teachers who run the classes.

She's started to find that it is completely weird... after working alone or at least under her own initiative and direction for such a long time... to find that working in a team can be really quite dysfunctional... especially when these "teams" have very little binding them together other than the fact that they happen to work in the same place. In fact, they can sometimes be a study in complete incompetence and unwillingness to actually work as a team!

After talking to some of our friends... we've found out that most people feel pretty much the same way... and that very few people REALLY enjoy what they do for work! It's a bit of a surprise to us... seeing as we don't really work in a "normal" job!

This has got me thinking about how everyone else's experience of work is... is it your dream? or is it a frustrating mess... or are you just clocking time until the end of the day!

My Question

  1. Describe your work/place... how do you feel and think about it?

My sample answer


Well... my work is as a musician. I'm a freelancer who plays violin/viola/viola d'amore for various ensembles around Europe and the world... specialising in Early Music, which is slightly different to what most people think that Classical Music is. Basically, we try to stay a bit more close to the original intent of the music that was written centuries ago... rather than re-interpreting through a modern lens (which is what most people would associate with Classical Music).

Anyway, in my travels and work with music... I come across a wide range of teams and individuals. After all, as a freelancer, you are constantly being attached to ensembles briefly (or sometimes as a long term basis). I find that some groups are completely dysfunctional and have managed to delude themselves that everything is fine... but to an outsider, it is a bit more obvious...

I also come across "professionals" who really should have chosen a different profession... being able to sort of hold and play an instrument better than the average layperson doesn't meant you are completely at ease with it to allow it to transmit your musical intent... especially if you don't even have an intelligent musical intent!

Anyway, I find that artists in general are an interesting bunch of people... they can range from the tortured ones (who think that the world is just unappreciative of their greatness...), to the inept (who are okay, because the public can't really tell the difference...), the jaded (in it to pass the time... grumbling all the way...) through to the idealistic (music is the beauty of all things...).

It makes for an interesting balancing act if I am a leader of an ensemble or section... balancing all these various outlooks can be an exercise in patience. If I had to figure out what I am... I guess I am just a person who likes playing music, and am pretty surprised most of the time that I get paid for it, and that people don't throw bottles at me... as long as it stays that way on all three fronts, I think I am in work heaven!


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Thanks @bengy for the win in the draw. You are blessed to be in a job you love.

Now for an analyze of ‘My Job’.

I started working at a bank back in ‘64. Where you even born then? It was the age before computers and we did every thing manually. After two years with the bank I applied for a job at a Credit Union mainly because it was unionized and the pay better. Once I got there I realized it was a much longer day and working first as a teller, standing on my feet all day, my legs paid the price.

I took a two year night time course in accounting and transferred to the accounting department at the same Credit Union. Although working with figures was not my strong suit, I did enjoy that department for many years. The people were great but eventually someone took leadership there that was power hungry and made the job a nightmare for me and the whole department. I never could understand why one could not just do their job without all the politics.

I worked in the banking business ( at the Credit Union) for twenty-five years , in all the departments and even In management. There is nothing like the stress of middle management when you have no power.

Another interesting but dangerous job, I did there every morning for a year, was to carry hundreds of thousands of dollars, to the auto cash machines situated around the city, without any security. I requested a gun but was refused. Now that job of filling up the ATMs is done by a security service. Luckily I wasn’t robbed because I would have been the 1st suspect. The lad who took that job after I left was suspected of stealing ten thousand dollars but never charged. In another Credit Union someone taking the money to the ATM machines was robbed and he was under suspect as having set it up.

There are good times and difficult times at any work and I still keep in touch with many of my former co-workers. I am now happily retired and live peacefully many miles away in another province.

Oh I forgot how bad being on your feet all day can be. You have to wear good shoes, and even that may not protect you

It would have been nice to wear a comfortable shoe but most of the women wore heels and they are deadly. Eventually because the tiled floor was on cement, they gave the tellers a rubber mat by their till to stand on and the last time I was their they even provided a chair for each teller.

The rubber mat actually helps!

Wow, that is a pretty damn interesting if somewhat daunting job! I get stressed out if I'm carrying more than a hundred euros in my own cash... I can't even imagine how I would feel about carrying enough for a down payment on a house of someone else's money! It's incredible that it didn't go missing more often... but I guess those were different times!

It was daunting at times. Often when I went to fill up the cash machine near the auto workers, some of the men would be waiting by the machine to deposit their paycheques and would shout, : Here she comes with the money!’

I was lucky not to be robbed but being young and fool hardy protects the brain from worrying. 😂

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I am a software engineer by profession. I work in a MNC.
So my work is sometime doing the maintenance (i.e is boring but you can complete it easily) and sometime tough things come and you have time pressure to deliver.
Issues occurred randomly and trying all available information in net , analyzing it and trying to fix the system is somewhat a weekly chore.
Work environment is good and I have no complains.

Sounds pretty cool... hopefully you have no incoming disasters... I've been reading and listening to how some teams have to deal with outside attacks...

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Thanks for the SBI

I'm not really employed so I'm not really part

Where I used to work, I would say we were a team, at least, those around my level. We were machine technicians and operators, and everyone tried to learn at least one other machine. There wasn't any specified break time, so whenever you want to go out, you get someone who is conversant with your machine to cover for you.

Woah... were all the machines very different? I guess you would get really quite good at one or another of them... or have a particular favourite one!

The machines were different, and the one I was assigned to was my favorite

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I'm not sure how to properly describe my job or my workplace. I work in a hospital as exercise therapist. There are days when everything is going well, patient are cooperative and there are days that things didn't go as I want it to be.

In a simpler way, I could say that my job is a job that you can feel every feelings tht exist in this world.

It's fun and challenging, it's tiring and sometimes stress me out, it's something that I can get to feel sad, angry, happy, clueless, afraid, and a lot more.

In the end, deep in my heart, out of all the negativity, I do enjoy helping patient as long as I don't have to force them much except for their own good.

That really sounds like a great job... the feeling that you are directly affecting and altering people's lives for the better... even if they get cranky about it!

Thank you 😀😀😀

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Hey I won the last one! Awesome! Thanks!
I don't think I qualify for this post because I don't have a job at the moment but I'll try to say something anyway. Work for me has always been depressing. I've worked at McDonald's, Walmart, pizza delivery, and for UPS. At McDonald's I was only there to get discounted tuition and waiting for my 8 hours to be over. Walmart made me angry and depressed to the point that I had to voluntarily resign. I worked in the meat department under a terrible manager. The pizza place was fun because I got to hone my driving skills (somewhat) and there were lots of other people my age there. UPS was probably the most normal job. It was eh. The work was easy and at least I got to work and socialize with my truck driver the whole day, he was cool. I also used to be in a Mariachi band but I don't consider that work, even though we would get paid, because I genuinely loved doing it. Group practice was always fun yet productive and I got along with everyone. My current mission is to find a job that I could similarly like so that I could keep it for a long time and then possibly move up from there.

Hey, no problem! You can get discount tuition by working at McDonalds? How does that work?

Delivery would be an interesting sort of job... you are by yourself most of the time, although I can imagine that the delivery quotas could be quite burdensome!... Mariachi band... that would have been lots of fun! Is that the ones where you have those crazy huge hats?

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

It was discounted for me because I would have had to pay extra because I didn't live in the school's district but the McDonald's was in the district so since I worked there really I was just passing normal tuition like everybody else.

And yes but our Mariachi didn't have sombreros (the big hat). Not all do but usually the bigger groups do.
You inspired me to create a post about my Mariachi experience, check it out to see what we looked like!

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I enjoy your contest ideas @bengy. Here is my entry for how I think and feel about My Job. 🌱

Thanks for entering with a post! I have commented on the post itself!

Thank you for hosting another fun contest! 🌱

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Thank you so much for the SBI share! I sincerely appreciate it. I am going to do a little research about what the benefits of SBI are, and how to manage them appropriately. Do you have any great posts that you could share with me to learn more? 🌱

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

My pleasure, you can learn more here. At the moment, enrolling people is collecting the downvote attention of someone who doesn't like the concept... But that is a problem only for the sponsors...

Whoa, that seems like flagrant abuse of the intent of the downvote. Are there safeguards in place to stop that, or a way to counter balance an unwarranted downvote? I appropriate the info and your determination to share the love in spite of the negative energy. 🌱

No afraid not, that is the pleasure of a decentralised system... Anyone can do as they wish... Still, I think it is worthwhile to support others via SBI as it is a long term support, rather than an immediate single boost. But others (some ex-bidbots owners apparently!) feel differently... I guess if you have always used a hammer everything looks like a nail!

Neither of my "jobs" are viewed as "real" by many people because I don't make money, and I stopped doing the only "real" job I had because I wasn't into it anymore XD

My primary job is parent. I just have a bit more responsibility over the educational side of things because homeschooling ;D Now that they can all read and do maths and seem somewhat okay at critical thinking (I can't really tell as I apparently operate on deviant logic) I'm more facilitator than educator these days and everything is mostly managerial and logistics (and a daily reminder of why I don't work in admin, management or logistics). I reckon if I was doing this as a "real" job with "real" people (because only adults are real?) I'd be pulling six figures, especially if I have to be dealing with obnoxious adults (I have a special hatred for them because they absolutely should know better, I hate obnoxius teens but at least it's somewhat developmentally appropriate and they're learning).

My other job is my pet project. I probably need a new setup that won't further destroy my already destroyed shoulder, but money and priorities. Maybe one day it will be my primary job but for now I'm stuck in an infernal catch 22 XD

Obviously both are home based and my place is a mess. I try to keep it clean at least but tidy ain't nobody got time for dat.

It's weird that the economy relies on so many people like you... who do unpaid work... when it is the sort of thing that enables other people to do "productive" work. One day, this sort of work will be actually valued... after all, if people didn't do it, society and the economy would fall over... however, it just isn't priced in.

I'm impressed that you can do the home-schooling... I would find it pretty difficult, too much boundary crossing between the parent and educator roles for my liking!

I don't compartmentalise that much, the parent and educator roles are the same as far as I'm concerned, I just kept going XD And even if you use the school system you're still faciliating because you're the one ultimately responsible for which school your kid uses and you still have to be pretty involved XD (or at least the high school my daughter tried out seemed to try really hard to involve the parents in all aspects which was great except I quite simply could not cope with the extra demands and J works full time).

The volunteer/unpaid work is valued (or at least should be, if the person you're doing it for isn't appreciating/valuing it they will when you've had enough and stop or if they don't you're probably better off not dealing with their entitled arse anyway ;D). And that's the thing that will keep the world going if/when the economy collapses XD

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Thank you @bengy for the opportunity to participate in this contest. You are lucky and blessed to do what you love and that is great.

Now for an analysis of 'My Work'.

I started to work as a collector of an accounting study at the age of 10 in my city, you say, child labor, it is probable but I only did it in hours out of school and I had fun riding my bike all over the city, the customers with me were very nice, it is noteworthy that almost everyone in my family work from very young even in very simple tasks. Years later I continued doing this besides going to the banks to present taxes that were due when the internet was not yet so developed in my country, we went with piles of diskettes to the banks to settle and pay the value added tax and gross income.

After that I worked in a Cooperative for a month as an intern at the age of 17, they treated me really well and I learned a lot of things.
From the time I was 19 until I was 29, I alternated with other jobs teaching first year law classes privately, partly to pay for my studies. I really enjoyed it even though sometimes the students didn't put the necessary effort into the subjects but I tried to make them curious to know more every day and not just to pass a subject.
From my 26th to my 28th, I worked almost every weekend in a disco as a bartender and during Monday to Friday I worked in the kitchen of a restaurant. They were wonderful years where I learned a lot about cooking and bartending. I also had a lot of fun at my workplace.

From my 30's until now I work as an accounting clerk in an accounting firm and I have my clients as a lawyer, I have not yet been able to dedicate myself only to law but I enjoy both jobs, one should not always do what one simply wants but want what one does and I feel very comfortable with my co-workers and my bosses.
As a part time and punctual job I am researching the legal area of cryptomonies, especially Bitcoin and the Tokens for the University where I studied law.
I have good memories of most of my co-workers and I see them often. The truth is that I was lucky because in the jobs I had I was able to learn a lot of things and I also had relationships with good people. It is not so important the goal but the way to it, the journey instead of the destination. Sorry for the mistakes if there are any and thanks again for the opportunity to participate in this contest.
Have a great weekend, greetings from Argentina.

Interesting where you have ended up... researching a completely new and uncharted field must be really great for the mind! It really is an intersection between the two studies that you undertook!

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This is very nice :) Cool thing and post.

Your job sounds really cool and creative, you can see a lot and different countries, you get to know so many people and do what you love all the time.
All the best for you, great people and a lot of success!

All of you! job is kind of "near" yours. I am also freelancer, see a lot of places, awesome people and crazy people, i also can travel everywhere aroud with this job and if you are not lazy you can make a lot of money, huge jobs and also great pictures.
I am a Graffiti Artist. I live at the moment in the crazy and unique city Berlin and make art all day, every second and spend everything in have in art.
Customers are basic people for living rooms, garages or childrens rooms, restaurants, hotels, discos and companys, laser tag, ... everything. I also give a lot of workshops with kids, was a lecturer in a school for a year to make the "Graffiti AG", but also workshops with companys or refugees and everyone who want.
I also paint a lot of canvas and made and will make exhibitions again. We did project at amazing places and great people. Cant wait whats coming in future :)
Around three years ago i got this wonderful wacom cintiq and started doing more digital illustrationes and logos, ... too.
I work most time with spraycans or acrylic markers at the moment. But i try to start use more brushes.
This summer i will paint on a lot of festivals, also i want to paint different countries and bigger walls. Keep your eyes open ;)

Check my works on my profile if you are interested.

Have a wonderful time everybody! Enjoy every second and all those tiny importand things :) !


edga -NOWARGraffitis

Wow... that sounds pretty cool! How did you come to this... did you start without permission before moving on to commissioned work?

...yes i did. for sure :) I have a little registered trade.

When i was around 8 years old i remember we had a babysitter who always painted graffiti and letters. I always sat next to him, watched and then started to paint my first letters too and never stopped.

Have a good one!

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