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Thanks to everyone who answered the Splitting the Bill question from almost two weeks back! I'm getting pretty slow at putting these contests up... but rest assured, they will go up! I just keep forgetting....

Anyway, this past month has been one of getting presents for family and friends... and of course, making some tech recommendations for those people who ask me for advice... anyway, it did get me thinking about how strong brand loyalty is... and how sometimes, I will recommend or stick to a particular brand, despite the fact that it might not be hands down the BEST option from a pure numbers and benchmarking point of view...

I'm sure that other people do the same, perhaps not for tech stuff but for many other things in their lives... shoes, clothes, food... everything really!

My Question

  1. Is there a brand that you stick with (tech, food, clothes....) through thick and thin... even if you might know that there is something that is temporarily better?

My sample answer


I love my computers... and I have built my own computers from components for as long as I can remember... and despite the fact that the cost savings are not as drastic as they used to be, I just love choosing my own computer hardware and just putting it all together myself. There is nothing more satisfying than hearing that BEEP as a newly pieced together computer passes POST for the first time!

Anyway, I realised that I have some pretty severe brand loyalty to Intel (Processor) and Nvidia (Graphics). I have always put components from those companies in my builds... even when Intel was being hammered by AMD in the Pentium days... and when Nvidia was being outgunned and outpriced by AMD in the Graphics stakes!

I have no idea why... they were the things that I put in my first build... and I have never looked elsewhere for additional options. Partly, it is due to the fact that I'm familiar with the drivers and naming nomenclature... and that I've had nothing but reliable and decent experience from the parts themselves.

So, failing any terrible experiences and the lack of a drive to squeeze just that little bit extra in the upgrade stakes... I've just stuck to what I know. Good enough and reliable enough!


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I find I’m drawn to President’s Choice brand of groceries. It is also know as PC and is a Canadian store brand known as Loblaws.

Their products are always top notch and whenever I see the brand I will pick it over others.

In addition to good groceries there is an incentive to buy their products. If you present their card at the checkout you can accumulate points and cash them in once they reach $20.00. I have been successful in this a quite few times.

That's weird... I thought I had replied to this! Fail me...

Store brand items are really great things to be loyal to... supporting the local produce and also often being very similar products at a better price!

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Don’t really know if I have a brand of choice. I do have a choice, but I can’t afford the ones I want, so I almost never buy them. I just buy things with a well known name. Here in Ghana, there are lots of manufacturers for every product, so I buy the one widely known but affordable.

Widely known names are also a form of brand purchase! Going for something that you think (and perhaps know....) to be reliable and affordable!

Yea, that’s what I do

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Thank you

I always stick to Alcatel brand mobile phones ever since my first smartphone. They are very affordable and easy to use. People tell me I should switch to iPhone and I know that it's better but I feel like that would be a betrayal. Sure my phones do have some glitches at times but it can still call, text, and surf the web just like iPhones do except that I'm not paying the outrageous price solely for the brand name. Also I don't trust Apple. I heard that they deliberately slow down their older models so that you can toss them in favor of the newest doohickey on the market, and they've admitted to this. I tend to keep using my phone until it's unusable, only then do I replace it.

I have heard of the Alcatel brand... and good things as well, cheap and reliable (are they US only?). Apple is pretty pricey, but there are many decent things that you get for it... although the battery thing was pretty badly handled from their end... it is a legitimate engineering design to balance the lower power draw on old batteries, to prioritise stability. They should have been more upfront about that! That said, I wouldn't be surprised if Android also does something similar... not at all a planned obsolescence, but a real balance for usability/stability.

I've seen Alcatel in Mexico so it's definitely not US only. And yeah, Apple products do come with a lot of special and, dare I say, cool abilities. One of those I envy is air-playing from your device to the Apple TV. That's why I didn't end up getting Disney+

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I do not think I am loyal to any particular brand. Brands are only loyal to their investors, so their objective is to increase their profits. In the same way, we the customers should only focus in getting the best value from our money, and not getting tricked by their marketing campaigns.

Agreed... we are generally loyal due to marketing (and/or experience). However, it is brave to say that we are completely immune to the marketing!

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I totally get what you are saying about building your own and I know many that are brand loyal for the most part - and there are those that want the next best thing. I think that is cool!

Mine is not quite as cool as your story.

Brand loyalty is the trusting relationship you have built over time to one product. I don't drink a lot of carbonated beverages, but, when I do, it will always be Coke, Diet Coke in specific. I don't have to be on a diet, I just prefer the taste. Pepsi will never take its place. It's my way or the highway. It can take a hike. It is a small thing, but, I never waver.

Thanks for all you do to make this place awesome!


Ha... I know many people who live by Coke or can't touch Pepsi... honestly, I can't really tell the difference... perhaps if I was to taste them side by side then I would notice, but I will often just take what is there!

Most people will take one or the other. They use different sweeteners and the one tastes terrible to me. How weird am I?

Yeah, don't answer that! LOL

Hmmmm... I sense a trap here...

Haha! Yes! It's a trap!

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Dear friend John, I wish you and those 3 lovely women a lief 2020 😉

I stick with 1. My husband , I don’t wanna find out that there is anything better and

  1. Zwitsal detergent just because of the smell , there are better cheaper and bigger ones but I never do

Ha... good idea with the partner! Zwitsal... I haven't really tried it... I think we often just buy Dreft... no reason... just what is there!

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The car brand I drive all the time is Ford. Although I'm not a mechanic, I know Ford's interior very well. I can change the interior materials of the vehicle I bought. I can figure out what the fault is.

Ford... that is a really popular brand in Australia as well... not quite so much in Netherlands though. We have a Peugeot here... something that is really common here, but would have been an exotic brand in Australia!

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How are you finding time to do this stuff, I barely managed to get a silly seasn sketchy up this year and you're merrily popping out these contests XD

I really like Apple (only as of MacOSX, prior to that I really didn't like Apple) and Wacom. Have attempted Android and currently run a linux rig for long enough to know that I just like Apple's ux no matter how much or loudly the haters scream at me that it's overpriced and underspec'd and all the other problems XD

Though speaking of the linux rig, I am biased towards Intel and nVidia as well (one of my bugbears with Apple). The person that quoted my rig did put those in which was good, I need the CUDA and would have questioned whether they understood my requirements if they hadn't XD

Actually with my hearing I can't understand people when they scream at me

Haven't tried other brands of drawing tablet and they might even be just as good or better for the price but after deeply regretting buying a SP4 instead of a MacBook Pro (I'd read many favourable reviews by SP artists and thought it would be nice if I could reduce my travel kit) I'm not game enough to part with that much money on a hope again.

The contests are relatively easy... I have a template for those... the other posts take a bit more time... but I've been sitting for about 6 hours on trains in the period between Christmas and New Year... so, I didn't have much else to do!

I always recommend Apple to my mother or to other people... but for myself, I find that everything is around the wrong way to what I expect and it drives me NUTS! They are decent hardware though (mostly...)... and you can't really fault the after-market support!

CUDA... it's been quite some time that I've heard that! It was all the rage at some point in time... but I guess for graphics rendering it is pretty useful!

That's pretty much all I use my enormous graphics card for, the only game I play on the big rig is Minecraft XD

Lol! Stomping Minecraft at 1000fps!

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Hello, I had to think about it. And there are a few brands I stick to even if there is better around. The first one is for the phone I only use Samsung only because we know how it works and I'm happy with it so not looking for any other brand. Clothes I stick to Desigual I love the design and colourful style of these clothes even if for the price the quality is really low. But I often go back to it during sales:)

Desigual! I love those things on my girls... they patterns and colours are really eye catching! I never knew that the quality was low, I always thought that they were expensive!

I'm not such a fan of Samsung phones (I like their monitors and TVs though...)... it's really stupid, but it is a holdover reaction from when their UI and OS overlay was really heavy and slowed the phones down over vanilla Android. These days, they have really great cameras... although, I'm not so fond of the duplication of Google services... but I still can't bring myself to get one, I will always go OnePlus or Pixel/Nexus.

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look like I am not addicted to brands. For electronics products, I purchase the branded products but not sticking to single one. Same goes for groceries too.
For clothes, anything looks nice,fits nice and do not the hurt the pocket, I purchase it.

Oh... that's brave! I'm sure there is a brand somewhere that you haven't realised that you enjoy a bit more than others!

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New balance shoes. But because they are the only shoes I've ever bought in my life that last a few years with constant use

Posted using Partiko Android

Shoes... I've never really cottoned onto a brand of shoes that I like. Mostly I'm too embarassed to be in a shoe shop, and grab something that looks fine and fits... and leave!

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I am addicted to Linux (I hear the same POST BEEP ;) Debian for servers and Xubuntu for desktops. I have not needed Windows for 7 years. I will never return to Windows.

Those who decide to buy Windows and MS-Office for all school and administration computers should be prosecuted.


I love my PC gaming... and so that really means that there needs to be at least one single Windows machine around! I did put my wife on an Ubuntu machine for a while... but this was at a time when support was a bit less good on those... she promised to kill me if I ever did that again!

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An interesting question. There are quite a few things that I don't care about the brand, but two things come to mind when I think of what I consistently purchase.

Music Samples: Getting into some more composition for media and videogames, I needed some high quality samples to trigger with media that didn't sound synthesized. I started by purchasing some from Spitfire Audio and kept getting packs from there. I think that part of it is loyalty to the company, but I know some of it is practicality. Since each new pack I'm looking at was recorded in the same hall, it makes it easy knowing that they will combine well together.

Shoes: It seems like I do have an affinity for the company Vans. I've tried other brands of shoes before and have purchased them, but I seem to always enjoy both the comfort and style of Vans for everyday wear.

Another shoe loyalist! The other commenter was a New Balance guy... FIGHT!

Music samples from the same company does make some sense! Easy ways to stitch them together without needing to do any extra fiddling is pretty damn practical!

Haha, they'll probably be able to beat me in a fight cause Vans would really just give me an advantage with a skateboard, but I don't skate, so...

Yeah, it's definitely nice that they mix together without much work. Unlike trying to get the EQ right on a distorted guitar so that it'll mix with anything reasonably

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@bengy, When we use some Products or Services for too long then in a way we believe it and we showcase more interest in those Products and Services. In my case i prefer those products or services which belongs to those brand which i am using from so long. Stay blessed.

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Which products would those be????!

Smartphone, Laptops and Clothes particularly. Have a successful and productive Year 2020. Stay blessed.

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