Thank God for Automation! My DTube Content Connected to My LBRY Channel Now! Yipee!

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I cannot tell you how happy this makes me feel!

On my last vlog , I shared with you guys on the importance of diversification for content creators!, something I have absolutely come to believe is a necessary evil. As a content creator, especially on the blockchain, you want to spread your presence as far and wide as you can,because you just never know which of this projects will blow up one of this days. But more importantly, it's a great chance to network with other people who are in the space but not on Steem. What greater way to teach them about Steem right?


I finally connected my Youtube Channel(that is purposely meant for my DTube Vlogs Upload) to LBRY and I absolutely love it. This just means anything I upload on there will automatically show up on My LBRY Channel, how great is this automation? More money/tokens for the same effort/work? SING ME UP!!!


SO....What Do I Like About LBRY?

Unlike STEEM, you don't earn from Upvotes, you earn from tips and watching vlogs among other ways. There's also a staking option for your rewards, which could also be a great way to get your content to the trending page. Some Youtubers who've been joining it lately seem to enjoy the rewards and it does look promising.

Other than that, it's a great way to earn some crypto in the background, who knows, I might actually start to enjoy running multiple channels, or even make more money :D

How are you diversifying your content as a content creators?

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Shweet. More money and more coverage.

Right? :)

Sure is baby. Keep on keeping on

I have never looked into that

You should check it out :)

It isnreally that helpful?

From what I am seeing on Twitter, it just might be a thing. But time will tell.