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RE: [Prize Draw] Which city provides me the best opportunities to grow right now and expand sciencevienna brand, network and ecosystem?

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I don't know which city is the best but a good city would be Phnom Penh in Cambodia, or the new Phnom Penh. I'll tell you why, this city and the country are in hyper growth. Good laws in place for foreigners and a lot of opportunities for entrepreneurs.


It's politically too unstable. The scope for pluralism is shrinking significantly and continuously, citizens have below-average confidence in political institutions there, and the fruits of economic development benefit only a small circle of political favorites of the ruling authoritarian regime. But it was a nice try 😉

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Lol, where do you get your information?

That same agency should check the human right abuses of the country they are in. That info is probably coming from the competition, you see, Cambodia has rapidly changed, they have made mega deals with China and what was once looked a ghost town is now a mega booming country, They build, roads, schools, apartment complexes, invested in heavy infrastructure, hospitals, you name it.

I was here about 10 years ago on a short trip, The capital looks like Half of Hong Kong now, big things are happening in Cambodia and it's about time.

Khmer invest in education and family, the housing type transforms the whole country into a country of business people. A huge % lives in one of these shophouses for example.

Cambodia is experiencing hyper transformation and a yearly 6.2 average growth rate for the past 10 years.

Have a look at better sources one day. 🤠

What better source is there when it comes to human rights? Can profit maximization compete with a high quality of life? What are they teaching in those schools? Which of your better sources would seriously thematize the organ harvesting from falun gong practitioners in Chinese hospitals in dignity?

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User rating, talk to the actual people to see what's going on, and a better way would be to measure it by using the tools of our time. The best schools are here, you'd have to research in detail that but they are at a global level, I assure you.

Those are just some awful media highlights from new channels connected to and owned by war criminals, but what if we asked the people of Iraq and few other countries to see what happened to them?

But to keep it short, your paying a maximum of 15% tax, that's a total maximum of all taxes. Under 50k is tax free with a 3x times western standard of life.

Talk to the people man, forget the TV.

Perspective definitely to consider

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