Why Is Political Pedophilia So Rampant? Answer: Pedophilia Is The Last Bastion Of Blackmail! 🤬

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The ranks of our politicians and civil servants are riddled with pedophiles and have been for a long time. When I say "rank" I do mean "rank!" How can this be and why has it come to be tolerated by the elite within our society?

I have answered my own question in my title and I don't normally deal with this distressing subject but I wish to delve a little deeper into this rampant problem and look for the real reasons behind this situation...


Pedophiles Are Everywhere!

The truth is that there are pedophiles in every section of our society and have been since ancient times. As you might guess I am a very social person and spend time talking to people from every class around the world. Because I am also a very compassionate person, people seem to want to open up to me and I have been appalled by the number of people I know who have divulged painful experiences from their childhood caused by adults around them.

Honestly, some of the stories I have heard have made me sick to my stomach! 🤢

My research has shown me that pedophilia seems to act like an illness and many people who molest children were also molested themselves. The number of people I know who carry the mental and physical scars from this abuse is socking. Many of them turned to drug abuse in their adult life to try and block out those childhood experiences but that never really works.

The problem seems to be larger than we are told but there is another issue here. Why are so many of our top politicians and civil servants involved in the perpetration and covering up of these crimes?


Politicians Are Puppets Manipulated Through Blackmail!

Our politicians and public servants are no more than puppets for the real powers that own them. These powers hide in the shadows and allow politicians and civil servants to take the blame for schemes that they conceive and implement. The public can vent its anger against the political faces but the real culprits go unpunished and unidentified.

To stay in the shadows the real powers need puppets which they can control. There are two ways of controlling public figures, namely the stick and the carrot! The carrot can be said to be bribery and corruption and the sticks used are murder, kidnapping and blackmail.

Blackmail is the interesting one here because murder and kidnapping are more public and relatively final. After all you can't murder someone twice. Blackmail on the other hand can be dangled above someone's head for their entire life.


What Kind Of Blackmail Can Be Used?

In times gone by there were many avenues open to the blackmailer. The plethora of blackmail opportunities that could be used against public figures included:

  • Corruption
  • Homosexuality
  • Drug use
  • Adultery
  • Perjury

and numerous others... Whether or not the charges were true or not was irrelevant. Even a hint of some of these accusations were enough to tarnish a person's reputation or send them to the prison.

However things are different these days. It's sad but the public expects their politicians and civil servants to be corrupt, sexually deviant, drug users and liars. Nobody seems to bat an eye these days at a gay politician or one who uses drugs and has extramarital affairs.

Personally I feel the same as much of the public. I don't really care and I expect these things from our politicians. Very few are honorable. If they were honorable then they would make speeches educating the public on how money is created and distributed within our economies and who is responsible for so much misery on this planet. Yet they don't so they are either terribly ignorant or completely controlled. A mixture of these two evils is probably the truth!


Pedophilia - The Last Bastion Of Blackmail!

It may be that the people at the top of the pyramid are also pedophiles and undertake ritual child abuse as part of a belief system. This is very possible but what these people really believe beyond the belief systems they use to control those under them is hard to define exactly. However the ability to use pedophilia as a tool for blackmail is very powerful.

Now that we almost expect our politicians and civil servants to break their own laws, pedophilia is one of the strongest surviving forms of blackmail. When our politicians kill millions they are given the noble peace prize, when they take drugs everyone chuckles while millions languish in prison for nonviolent drug crimes, when they get caught cheating on their partners we accept their cheap apologies and when they lie to our faces it is nothing new.

The last bastion of blackmail is pedophilia. That is because although pedophilia has been around since ancient times the vast majority of our society will not accept the abuse of our children. This abuse can take many forms such as ritual abuse, murder and pedophilia and none of them are palatable to the public.

If you have a video of someone committing one of these heinous crimes then you control them forever. The threat of releasing that video is strong enough to make people do whatever you want and swear them to secrecy for the rest of their lives!


Political Pedophilia Is Everywhere!

All over the world there are incessant stories and rumors of politicians and civil servants engaging in pedophilia and ritual child abuse. Those same politicians and civil servants look out for each other and the press does its absolute best to discredit these stories but they never go away completely.

Although this issue is global there have been so many accusations made against some of the most prominent public figures in the UK, US, Australia and the most "developed" of the world's economies. Even with all the spin used on these allegations they never disappear. It always seems to be the case that when a public figure is accused of these crimes the accusations are suppressed until the person dies and then finally the truth emerges. This is a terrible indictment our politicians, law makers and press yet it always seems to be the same. When the truth is too big to cover up then it comes out only once the person is dead and unable to name the other participants in these crimes.

Given that there are very few avenues of blackmail left to use against our public figures pedophilia is the most powerful tactic that is left. It is my personal belief that the percentage of politicians and high level public servants that are involved with pedophilia, child trafficking and ritual child abuse is higher than in the general population.

Why wouldn't it be? The people who really run the world need controllable puppets to do their bidding and pedophilia is one of the most powerful tools in their arsenal. This is why there are so many rumors and accusers stating exactly this. This would also make sense as the public figures always seem to be covering up for each other until they die. Then only the rotten truth seeps out!

Any major change for the better in the way our world is run must address this problem and shed the disinfectant of light on these festering infections that are poisoning our world. Don't trust your politicians and high ranking public servants. The chances are that they are only there because they are already controlled and know very well who their masters are. This problem is probably much larger than any of us can imagine.

If this post has had an impact on you one way or another I advise watching the news as slowly these revelations are exposed and they seem to support my contention. It is a sad situation that is compounded because the victims are the most innocent in our society! 😪


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"Nobody seems to bat an eye these days at a gay politician or one who uses drugs and has extramarital affairs."

The worst part of this is that it's a slippery slope.

Things are going to get worse before they get better, unless we struggle back up that slope. The integrity and principles of our leaders reflect our own, and if we don't hold our own principles dearly, we won't follow leaders that do either. This is the current situation, and the enemedia is the penultimate mechanism instituting it. The primary mechanism is the indoctrination we are subjected to from birth, commonly called education.


So true - another great post - reminds me of the old days when Steemit had real content!