Unveiling Islam - Trying to Help Moslems to See the Light

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...and a University that promotes Christian values - in America! Can you believe it?

The speaker is not hateful, he just speaks from personal experience and knowledge of the true meanings, being an ex-moslem who converted. For instance, he explains that Saudi Arabia builds most of the mosques in Christain countries...and I'll add to it, of course, the imams who preach there favour bringing about the end of Western civilization - as do their funders, who are part of the Globs Cabal. This is important, for it is these imams who are radicalising the young.

Some of the comments under the video:


This was a very interesting interview. I live in Minnesota, and I am very concerned about my state!! I can see what is happening in Europe, and around the world, and just can not fathom that happening here, in the USA. This country is the GREATEST country on Earth! We are all FREE, and I pray, for the sake of my children, grandchildren, that we can keep it FREE!! #SocialismSUCKS

Carol Tipton Brown

Ban Sharia Law from all American soil because it's Barbaric & Not conducive for assimilation...America doesn't want slavery or violence.....sharia Law is a civilizations political policy written in a religious book

My Thoughts on Islam

It sounds like many now see Islam as a mental/psychological disease. If that is a pertinent analogy, then we could say the imams are the virus.

My belief in Free Speech is my Shield

Posted: 21st February, 2020

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