If there's no time...like the present...then how soon is now?

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Life is full of hidden treasures. They lie all about us, in the sand at our feet, pearls of wisdom before swine, sometimes discarded or unobserved, but they are there, if we take the time to observe, if we remember the key, if we look with the right perception.
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For life and reality is about perception. What could be a warm day to me might be a cold day to you, although it's the same day. It depends on our subjective perspective and perception. So what is reality then, if observable phenomena can be so subjective? What is the objective truth of any matter? What is the absolute truth?

Today in our current generation, we live in an age known popularly as the "post truth" era, the era of "fake news". It seems that our leaders have set the standard for us of a world where we don't have to worry about the truth any more. They certainly don't. There are no more morals or norms or standards it seems. Salesmen and advertisers can lie outright to your face, on your labeling on every product. For example they can tell you the item contains one thing when it contains another - usually sugar or corn syrup.

If they can pull the wool over your eyes then that is acceptable today. If the marketers can sell you a piece of cheap plastic or a new tech gadget straight out of the box, you can be sure that it is infused with the latest modern accessory - built-in obsolescence. If you're lucky it may work on first opening, but sometimes even the new product off the shelf, straight out of China, is broken and you need to return it. I am speaking from personal experience.

So the new reality is not to provide quality service or quality products that last or quality food that is for your best health. The standard is to see how far you can be ripped off, conned or scammed. Lies and deceit are the modus operandi today. And if you can make the extra buck of the innocence or naivete of the customer then all the better for you as a dealer.

That is particularly true in the culture of China, where westerners are seen as weak and where it is common custom that you must make the buck by any means, and rip the customer off as much as possible. Those are the symptoms of a successful dealer in that culture. I have heard it reported by those with experience.

But I'm not pointing a finger at one culture, they are just better at it and will eat the rest of the planet alive in the coming decades. I am observing this reality everywhere around me. Maybe I'm in a poor third world country with no service delivery or customer consciousness. After all, it's all subjective, as I said.

Even lawyers are paid to lie, in order to defend the criminal, to blame the innocent. Pay them enough and they will use their oratory skills to lie you into jail, for life. And if they are really good liars then they become politicians and run the governments of the world, simply because they are expert at lies, damned lies and politics. Statistics can be fudged by any scientist or mathematician, as they do in the biggest insurance and pension corporations on the planet. The insiders will balance the books in just the right way to cream millions for the corporation while the poorest are left holding the bag - the body bag, hollowed out like a shell company on a sunny day in the Cayman Islands or Malta.

So what is real and what is the truth. Well, scientists may say measurable laws of nature exist that are immutable, and that they are perceived from an objective and measurable point of view. And if the experiment is repeatable and verifiable then it must be the objective truth. Take gravity and entropy and thermodynamics, all laws that are objective truths. So at least we have some standards, some norms and boundaries, otherwise the word jugglers and spin doctors would have us wrapped up and stitched up and sown down all the way to China town before we knew it.

And they do. The leaders of the world will be the ones who can lie the best, to your face, with a smile, while fleecing you for all you have. It's a simple formula. Priests do it, politicians too, doctors and pharmacists as well, selling us products that lead to the opioid crisis, killing millions for profit. Sometimes they get caught and go to jail, perhaps one or two of them, but the show goes on.

Bankers and financiers are expert at theft too, like Bernie Madoff, biggest hedge fund manager in Wall St of the previous decade - turns out he was the biggest con man and criminal - went to jail, or so they say in the fake news propaganda press owned by the elite. And they are just the one or two that get caught doing the crime. The rest get away with it. And we like cannon fodder do gently graze on, lulled by their song, thinking nothing is wrong until it's all gone.

Now this is nothing new. As the ancient Sanskrit text and most popular Vedic reference, namely Bhagavad Gita says,

यद्यदाचरति श्रेष्ठस्तत्तदेवेतरो जनः ।
स यत्प्रमाणं कुरुते लोकस्तदनुवर्तते ॥ २१ ॥

yad yad ācarati śreṣṭhas
tat tad evetaro janaḥ
sa yat pramāṇaṁ kurute
lokas tad anuvartate

"Whatever action a great man does, common men follow. And whatever standards he sets by exemplary acts, all the world pursues."
Bhagavad Gita ch3:21 translated by Swami A.C. Bhaktivedanta

And so as the elite pull the wool over our third eye with fluoride and ignorance, we forget our true natures, we forget what is truth, what is reality, who we are and what is really going on here. But some remember, some read the memo, check the manual, hear the alarm bells, the little voice in the head, or heart. Some of us have been trained to observe, or just have a decent bullshit detector, thanks to intelligence or intuition. And we stand up and say enough of this illusion and abuse.

Life may be fine for a few and so the illusion of a healthy ecosystem, or social system appears to be carrying on. There is wealth, luxury, indulgence, someone has it. We see it in the movies or on our screens, so the world must be ok...until we dig a bit deeper and see that actually on a small fraction of elite live a healthy life. The vast majority are either starved, weathered or homeless, or diseased - the new plague. And today that majority means billions of souls. Entire countries of human beings are being devastated for decades to come, never to be able to revive a sense of health or dignity in this lifetime, certainly not in this next decade, thanks to the lies and abuse of a few. And because it's every man for himself in a so-called free and civilized society, it's said to be the fault of the victim if s/he was unable to lift themselves out of poverty, or use the free market capitalist system which is there for all to rise up.

Well that illusion is long gone. We all know that might is right, and the playing field is skewed in favor of those who have the biggest guns and the fastest money printing machines. With those two ingredients they run the planet, looting and pillaging all day long. Even your land and your drinking water, is all commoditized, bottled and resold to the highest bidder. Your aquifers, underground water, entire nation's reserves, can be sucked dry by a private corporation or ex politician, like the Bush family who bought up the fresh water of entire towns in South America for their own private pleasure.

Ancient sacred land can be trampled upon and raped by oil pipelines to cart toxic products when actually their are freer, cleaner ways to light a fire. Just ask Nikola Tesla. He had the way a century ago, but oil barons couldn't make a buck off his free energy so they used a toxic deadly way instead. Now the planet is partly a dead zone, thanks to BP Gulf oil spills and Fukushima meltdowns, for decades or even centuries to come, long after the poisoners have died. All for nothing. And all in the name of improvement. We are being lied to by big oil, pharma, argi, tobacco, 5G, you name it. Lying is the norm now. If you can make a profit form it, then the end justifies the means. That is the most criminal inhumane evil I have ever heard of.

But some of us see the madness, the psychopathy, the demonic evil, the animal savagery dolled up like lipstick on a pig. It has always been there and always will, especially in this era of post truth. The good old days of the four pillars of "dharma" namely mercy, austerity, cleanliness and truth are almost all gone. We are standing on the last leg in this age, and that leg is truth. The other three were broken millennia ago. But now even truth is on its way out. We even call it the "post truth" era. This was predicted a long time ago as the way the world ends, not with a bang but with a lying little whimper.

So don't be surprised at the fake news, fake food, fake medicine, fake policies, fake money and fake smiles on the leaders, who sell you the poison so that you can kill yourself. Or sell you the yarn so that you can buy into it, remain pacified by their word jugglery while they rip you off, enslave you in ignorance and forgetfulness. These little demons, for they are but little mini wannabe usurpers, they will take advantage and play demigod for a while, but they too will be obliged to meet death at the scheduled appointment time.

And so will we all. Therefore there is no more important mission in this lifetime than to break our of the illusion, the grip of Maya, and her foot soldiers, and observe the situation for what it is. When the virus comes and starts wiping out entire towns, you will have little time to regain any composure, so while you're strong, somewhat lucid and have your faculties, take the moment to observe the truth of the matter, see yourself for who you are in the bigger scheme of things in this city of nine gates, among the shades, and regain your clarity of vision, for if your eye be single, you can see the entire realm for what it is, you can regain your perspective, your clarity of perception, and in that moment of clarity - break the shackles of illusion and liberate yourself from the clutches of the money lenders, the money grabbers, the tyrants, and ultimately your own temporary mind and senses. The real treasures are those of consciousness, not petty coin. Free yourself, you can do it, I know you can, and I know you will, because we all do - in the end, when the time is right. And that time is now.

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I enjoy finding that pace where everything just is and there nothing is truth or lie, it just is :-)

Wonderful, to be or to be, there is no not being.

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