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RE: Fascination dream world: on the cusp of the YOUniverse

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I kept this post open for days, as I could not respond with steem having problems.

Now I cannot recall what it was I wanted to say...

I like the way you write and have an interest in all you say, for I use the same thoughts for creating a different reality in my books. Here is how I describe it...if you do not mind (it is a very old post, so not trying to get a vote or anything, just wanting to exchange ideas):

I did not post the mentioned story of Ivgos, as most of my readers disappeared...but I hope you can see from this post why it is I was touched by your article.



Great, I read your post and feel your passion and longing for meeting Cherine and the others. The good news: after finishing reading your post I immediately felt inclined to comb through my posting archive to provide you with some hopefully more than promising answers. This topic occupied me so deeply back then that eventually my longing for answers became so strong that it caused, among some other reasons, my spiritual awakening. From then on, irrefutable Consciousness expanding downloads started trickling through over many years, which gradually corroborated my "new" state of consciousness. I have many more posts touching on all this, but to not overwhelm you I have selected five articles to give some basic overview. ;)

Thank you

I am not going to rush through them, but read one, let it filter through and then the next.

Much appreciated.