Reality ranking: this is just one earth reality out of infinite earth realities

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This is just one Earth reality of infinite Earth realities. Therefore, even though this particular reality might be relatively extreme in darkness on a collective scale, it is not right to conclude that Earth is a bad place. There are infinite Earth realities, including parallel Earth realities, of which some are even more extreme than our current reality, while, on the other hand, many are much lighter than this reality.

There are Earth realities that look physically identical to our and have a very similar collective consciousness with the same issues.

There are Earth realities that look physically identical to our, yet the collective consciousness might be completely different with completely different issues.

There are Earth realities that look physically identical to our, yet the collective consciousness might have shifted so far that most issues, regardless of their nature, are non-existent.

There are Earth realities that look physically absolutely different, so outlandish compared to our own that on first glance we would say this is an extraterrestrial planet. Yet in terms of collective consciousness it might be just like ours.

There are Earth realities that look physically absolutely different, and also in terms of collective consciousness they might appear extraterrestrial to us.

I could go on and on, but what I am essentially getting at is that this Earth reality is just one out of infinite Earth realities.

If we describe each by physical looks (=nature, continents, races, population numbers, languages, names etc.), consciousness expression, vibrational level and problems/issues (and much more aspects not mentioned here), within this infinite spectrum of Earth realities there are some that are almost identical to our current reality in all those aspects. These types of realities might be so close to our that we are just talking about different timelines of this Earth.

The more similar another Earth reality is to our in all aspects, the higher a likelihood of connecting with these realities via the dream state.


The further we walk that spectrum, the more different the Earth realities will become compared to our, which means that other Earth realities don't share similarities in all aspects but only in a few. These types of realities might already be parallel Earths that have some major root differences in their blueprint, yet still intersect in some areas with our current reality.

And then there are Earth realities which from the vantage point of our reality are at the end of the spectrum. These types of realities, parallel Earth realities, are completely different compared to our reality in all aspects and have even more major root differences in their blueprint, while areas where some intersection with our current reality is there are very scarce as well. Connecting with such Earth realities via the dream state is rather difficult, mostly because we live in a self-made mind box of limitation that wants to disregard anything that would only create confusion and havoc in our established humanly arranged mind order. Connecting with such realities via the dream state requires the expansion of one's consciousness so that glimpsing potential reality discrepancies won't end in overwhelming shocks that put us into fear.

Within this infinite spectrum of Earth realities that I have coarsely demarcated into "almost identical", "half-half" and "completely different" there are billions of in-between realities, each of which differs from its closest neighbor reality only in minute timeline discrepancies. By taking a step back and looking at the entire spectrum we will be able to see how these minute timeline changes gradually add up to major timeline changes. At some point the changes are so big that a jump into a completely different parallel Earth has to take place, and from here on the same process starts anew.

When people are waking up they often feel a longing to leave Earth to instead go elsewhere to another planet in the Universe where they will be able to live in collective harmony, Universal awareness, Heart and Soul alignment, freedom and independence. While this absolutely fine, what is a key understanding, however, is that most specifically it is a longing to leave this particular Earth reality.

Certainly there are Earth realities that would exactly provide these parameters of collective harmony, Universal awareness, Heart and Soul alignment, freedom and independence, all wrapped in a unique individual and collective experience. It might be a specific time period on a certain timeline on this Earth or on a parallel Earth, but they all exist.

Much Love and Light,


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Hi dear @alexaventuria.

The universe is in you, immersed in your mind, in the believing space, of endless galaxies.

All the nuances that we develop in our lives will be the product of our internal evolution, our mental evolution.

Pretending to escape from the reality where we are immersed would imply a change of plane, which would lead to a new order. For this there must not necessarily be a new physical place like a new planet. To achieve this, only a change of vision, of the appreciation of reality or of the way we interpret or define reality would be necessary.

All best, Piotr.

Well spoken, we are the projector and the outside is the movie screen. Trying to readjust the movie screen would be futile. To change the movie we see and experience we need to readjust and mend our projector within. This is how the pixels on the screen will change accordingly.

The film "Another Earth" might be of interest in this regard, in case you haven´t seen it yet.

Thanks for this suggestion. We are indeed constantly connecting with all types of realities. Albeit unconsciously, movie makers (just like all of us actually) draw bits of information from other existing realities and conceive them into our reality. The interconnectedness of everything in the Universe so much greater than we can imagine.

You once pointed something like this out in another post and i could profoundly relate to it. When i read them it‘s as if I am able to tune into a vibrational frequency of collective harmony, universal awareness, heart and soul alignment, freedom and independence from the perspective of a unique individual having a collective experience. Being a part of the whole, makes my experience of it complete. It‘s beautiful how you guide people to reflect inwards. Thank you for another amazing post alex! 😊It makes me understand better why the places i visit recently during my dream state seem to be different.

Yes, this topic is very interesting. Just like in the two images above, I have been watching parallel Earth globes on the astrals several times so far. Might not seem too mind-bending in itself, but the real energetic experience of "it exists" that comes along while glimpsing the shape and distribution of continents on other parallel Earths can be more mind-boggling and outlandish than one might expect, even when we are theoretically aware that all exists.

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