Recalibrating our subconscious compass

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So long as we are in a state of indecisiveness the Universe will confront us with events and experiences that are in alignment with that state of energy and mind.

Only once we start setting clear boundaries and let our actions speak accordingly it is that we are sending out explicit energetic signals as to what we won't any longer accept in our life. Abandoning boundaries means abandoning inner freedom. Consequentially, physical circumstances will reflect that back to us. Creating boundaries means creating inner freedom. Likewise, physical circumstances will reflect that back to us.

Needless to say, the reshuffle of Consciousness dynamics won't happen over night and takes patience because in order to pry deeply-anchored energy patterns loose, consciously becoming aware of them is just the beginning; from then on we will be trialed by our Higher Self providing us with situations that act as practical litmus tests of what we have learned. As such, the situations being given to us are epitome triggers of our old behavior, hence old Self, so that energetic transcription can take place from the core. Passing the tests by successfully implementing our new Self theory is what will allow the corresponding essential energy integration to be most comprehensive. From then on, anything we will magnetically attract will be an energetic match to our new energy field.

Only now the Universe can deliver us situations we wholeheartedly embrace, because the Universe exclusively operates based on energetic impulses and vibrations. The conscious is merely serving the navigation in the physical world. The subconscious, however, is the primary force behind the territory we end up in. The longer we are able to mantain our new sense of Self the more natural it will become to us.

Enjoy exploring new territories,


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Well written. Maintaining self and how you describe the energy field! Love and light to you alex 😊

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