Invest into the Future - Bring @surpassinggoogle to Steemfest!

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Call for Help!

We ALL as a blockchain community need to stand together for a great guy! I usually avoid such posts but with Terry aka @surpassinggoogle it is a difference! Check the following link and video above to know why!!!!

Help @surpassinggoogle to present at Steemfest

Simply click your vote and all earnings will go over, as payout is seven days you might consider to support his fundition below:!/@surpassinggoogle/jfnt9dxs7

Terry aka @surpassinggoogle - a true human

Pretty sure everyone knows our Terry Boy @surpassinggoogle who has probably supported and recruited most Steemians here. A true community person, a guy that always thinks how to help others instead about himself. He created so many awesome things on Steemit - he was building #steemgigs #ulog and the #teardrops movement.


I know him since several years long before we thought about Blockchain or Steem(it) and he always was eager to help people - he was always driving that the world becomes a better place for every single individual. So he did on Steemit since he started. I try to keep it short - check the video he created for me personally!

Watch and listen and simply consider all potential support for him. He is a man that usually does not call for help but he also needs helping hands. Usually he never relaxes and takes time to recover even I did recommend this so often - he is a beast in implementing program to for others only. But he can only help as long as he is able to. I did not understand why his delegation by @ned was pulled away - if anyone deserves a large one @surpassinggoogle is the one - no doubt.

I wanted to do this post since a while and not going into all details why Terry needs us as community now - feel free to check other posts that covers some of the issues he has to handle privately.

What can you do to help him help?

There least thing we can do is giving him support via encouraging messages and comments. Voting for his posts is the next easy way - what many others do including myself here is to donate all rewards from this post to him. If someone feels happy to donate directly do it. If you want him to continue supporting others via his Steemit project delegate some Steem Power.

If you want to support his witness "steemgigs", simply visit and upvote "steemgigs" or simply click Here to do it on one click! 

Donate Now on the Fundition link

You can also donate here:
Or via PayPal here:

Thanks for Reading! Show the World how supportive this community is!

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he must go to steemfest

How much is needed to bring him there?

The Steem community is strong, if there is a clear goal and a transparent activity behind.

This kind of community activities will be actually a part of my speech at #SteemFest4 but focussing on a token.

I hope he will comment - a fixed amount to know is always good, short and simple. Thx @detlev

I already send some funds (22€) to the fundition page but it did not show up yet.

@surpassinggoogle - can you confirm receipt of fundings?

Yes bro, i will be here in a bit



So so so valued bro. Funditon converts it to steem and sends that.

Hi bro, my 'thank you' is so hefty. I may not be able to express it well enough now but i won't forget. I would you to read something. It is a 70-min read, in it you will understand just how big your help here is. It saves life. Kindly read:

Hi @surpassinggoogle I never met you in person, but I hope to meet you in BKK in a few days. As @uwelang said, I saw what you did and this needs support.

Let's discuss there in BKK the next steps.

@uwelang, This effort is really appreciable and for sure brother @surpassinggoogle supported, recruited, educated and most importantly inspired many Humans on Steem Blockchain. Hope that definitely path to SteemFest will be open for him.

Wishing you wonderful journey ahead and stay blessed.

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Let's hope for the best.
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Thanks a lot! Feel free to donate and support him directly on the mentioned links! He deserves any support!

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