Withdrawls SUSPENDED as bank run continues to worsen. "They won't give me my steem!!"

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Needing my steem to support my IDEALs, I find that I can't get my steem out of because they say...


we have a maintenance waller at the moment, this is why you can't withdraw.



Well if I was having a "maintenance waller" with my wife I'd understand why I couldn't withdraw, heck I probably wouldn't want to.

But RIGHT NOW I need to, to support my home, steem.


Could this have anything to do with using customers steem to help overthrow the steem blockchain and now THAT steem is locked up?

I smell a bank run, maybe a lawsuit.

Get your steem now.



It has everything to do with that.

Of course, we as a community left a lot of tokens on the exchanges so we have to look in the mirror a lot on this one.

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These are all newly traded for tokens. I expected a pump and I plan on riding it for all it's worth. Also I've already powered up all that I'm comfortable with risking.

I'm not complaining that I can't get my tokens out, I didn't expect to be able to cover my withdrawal.

And I'm betting steem can hold the line on the "no to the 3 day powerdown".

Perfect setup for a HUGE PUMP and LAWSUIT.

In this game of cards. That LAWSUIT is one of the strongest cards we have to play. Just showing it should get some respect.

Because the exchanges CAN'T SURVIVE a 13 week power down to get these tokens back. They will have to go to open market to purchase more, BIG pump. If they don't that, they will be sued into oblivion before 13 weeks are up.

Good reason to negotiate.

Don't blame the player, blame the game.

Awww man, yeah... Three of the exchanges were involved in this virtual heist.
Bittrex is apparently still okay though so maybe try them.

We need to buy even a few steem then try to transfer it from these bad actors.

When the transfer doesn't go through.

Contact the respective tech support and explain exactly why this withdrawal is important RIGHT NOW and record it all.

This is direct evidence that I was trying to exercise my voting power and proof that I was blocked.

If it is proven that they WERE USING CUSTOMER FUNDS. This shows that I was DIRECTLY HARMED by their action.

Start building your legeal case now, we may need it.

I rest my case your Honor.

Great thoughts. I hope justice is served.

I just hope that steem survives. The world needs it now more than ever.

Justice is icing on the cake. There big loss will be in the eyes of the crypto world.

Totally agreed. There isn't another Steem right now. The competitors thus far aren't competing. Though SteemPeak does plan/intend to evolve into something bigger than just Steem, so hopefully there is some good waiting there. (This was already intended from what I've been told - not just a knee-jerk reaction.)

The world needs Steem, but not in the hands of a madman.

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