A Win Win Solution for steem and tron? Maybe.

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bee larva and egg
4 hour old honeybee larva in a pool of royal jelly
and an unhatched egg, top right.

I came to steem because...

I was hearing that the goal or idea of steem was:



censorship resistant

free speech

open source

safe crypto

get paid

Because of all the censorship, demonization and other crap going on right now on the internet, people are pissed and primed..


Because of our current situation, we have the Crypto WORLD spotlight!

If we stand up for the IDEA(L)s above and show the internet that this is THE safe PLACE, that won’t censor or steal from you (or others), actually pays you for your content and won't go away without a fight.


STEEM will be THE Internet SAVIOUR and the masses will flock to steem!

If steem isn't the above IDEA, then steem isn't special. I sell my steem and follow the IDEA somewhere else.

If steem IS (trying to be) the above IDEA, it IS SPECIAL. I buy more steem, I stay here and add more value.

The IDEA is not exactly compatible with Communism, I know.

Justin is a business man? Yes!
Justin wants to make profit? Yes!
Justin is a hard line Communist? I don't know.

What I do know is that if Justin takes that IDEA away or centralizes steem, I see no reason to save steem. Just(in) fork off, sell everything and start over. We will ALL take a loss and no one wants that.

I and many others will follow that IDEA(L) wherever the developers take it.

The world NEEDS this now more than ever. Lets make it happen.

Justin, will you help us make steem into this idea? I guarantee there is HUGE profit there.

Or is steem being taken down because of these IDEA(L)s?

The photo is kind of symbolic, steem and tron barely hatched.
It also gives me another tag and I took it myself so there's that too.


Oh cool picture, I have never seen the royal jelly but I hear its what forms queens when consumed.

Thanks for all the helpful tips in getting started as bee keeper. I got my boxes built and painted, now I am waiting for the weather to cool down and going to clear the area where ill be setting up these hives in the spring.

By the way, I set up a community for pollinator content. Feel free to share your future bee posts or about other pollinators in my community.

The Pollen Flow

Thanks, I have joined the community.
It's still too too hot??! my step son made me make a fire yesterday. Not hot here anymore.

I have been thinking about doing a bee related community, now I don't have to.
Ill post my next bee stuff from your new community.

You don't have any community specific tokens do you?
I was trying to figure out something to do with custom tokens. Like sponsor a bee hive or sell queen bees for them but it needs more than 3 people to make it work.
Time to start advertising to all the beekeeping clubs.


I'm waiting for the temps to drop below 40F otherwise the ticks in the forest will find me.. oh nice, it is getting around that time of year for good campfires.

I'd have to buy a bunch of HE tokens (Bee) to be able to make one. So I'll probably just stick to a community.

That's a good idea, maybe something worth building.

I think the Emperor just answered this for himself...
ALL the language there is about what he wants, not what the community wants.


Thanks, I'm a few hundred into the comments now and I'm starting to think that it's time to sell all my steem and go somewhere else.

This doesn't look good.
I have some hope with this comment...

It honestly seems like you got drunk and angry and wrote this on your own with no preplanning.

I can see that being possible. It kind of reads that way but his talk of community and private property is coming out of both sides of his mouth.
He says...

Also they have to be a true believer of the sanctity of private property and love our community!

But refuses to listen to the community and wants to control our property.
I guess that answers my 3rd "question" or statement.

Justin is a hard line Communist? I don't know.

Maybe not hard line but I can clearly see his thinking processes is different from mine.

Yeah, a lot of weirdness there...
If you sell your Steem, who do you think is going to buy it and then increase his votes against our community desire?

SteemPeak is actively talking about alternative names in case they have to go it alone (which it's looking more and more like the case.) Their front end is the best (in my opinion) anyway, and it wouldn't take too much effort to rebrand and create the new community.

Come and join us...