NESTREE a Messenger application recommended for crypto currency community

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NESTREE app, is one of the best messengers for communities chat. The app is well organised and a better alliances for communities to engage, compared to many other applications out there. There are numerous ways to monetize a communities channels and some other cool innovations.
It’s a good platform to grow and build ones community and network especiallly for crypto communities that requires a lot of engagement.

Nestree is an advanced platform that specializes in effectively building and managing community messaging groups. It accommodates various features for users to access a wide range of communities, experience the convenience of group chatting, numerous compensation systems as well as innovative ways to monetize the community channels.

Key features

  • community Monitization
  • community Management
  • community Attractions and building

it's secure, and it's every thing you need a social media messenger to be and again it has a nice user interface making it easier to navigate and adapt too new users . It also has a wallet facility for storing and trading crypto currency.
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The app can be downlaoded via applestore or playstore

Android can download here with this link :

Iphone users link to application download :

For more information about Nestree, please refer to their original post link below.

If you have any questions, please contact

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where did you see this one again hmm will spy it later

Wow so finally u have on boarded nice

Seems good. As a crypto lover i must try it. Thanks for sharing's a really cool app

you are everywhere kaycee nice one

wish i have a mobile device to join in messenger chatting, am just stuck here with pc

do dey pay for chatting activities in the app alone on there are other activites one can engaage in

Nice app

link me up u always gor juicy stuffs

Slim , Slim later you go say money no dey but here you are hustling

its aiit will check it out later

This is my favourite blockchain messenger now

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