"Worse than useless"

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When something is worse than useless it becomes harmful.

Upvoting comments is usually a sign of appreciation.

"I enjoyed your thoughtful comment and that you took the time to read through my post" put in one action.

It is a tool for making the best comments more visible in a discussion etc to make it easier to find for others.

I would not say that upvoting comments is useless at all it has its time and its place.

I like to leave a small upvote for every not spammed comment as encouragement for the reader to also come back to my next post.

Everyone is more or less free to do with his Votingpower here how he chooses. You can upvote yourself and only yourself but then you have to accept that the community does not like that and will act on that.

You can upvote yourself and others (as long as it is not just an alt account ofc) and try to become a part of the community.

Those 2 "rules" I think only apply to posts, not comments.

A post I can follow pretty easy and can act on it pretty easy

Take this masterpiece for example.


While it got already downvoted quite a bit it still has a pending payout of 11k, which even after SPORTS took a dive today would be still 42,9 Steem which is just insane.

You dont have to consider curation here because they are probably upvoted from a couple of alt accounts.

What does this shit post has to do with comments?

Posts are way easier to police than comments. The abuse really comes to show if you look at 2, 3,4 day old comments.


Couple of thousand here and a couple of thousand there will add up.

But this is way harder to control. Nobody wants to check this shit all day.

Also it gives those abusers more "material" to vote on and that as I said better hidden.

My proposal, assuming this could be done technical is to remove the voting option on comments.

My main argument for this would be as mentioned it is easier to spam comments, they are harder to police and they do more harm than good at the moment. If the abusers would start to make like 10 posts a day I think more users would see what is going on as not everyone wants to check some random dudes comments after 3 days.

Let me know what you think!

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I also flagged many of them, I think I gave away more downvotes than upvotes xD

I need more SP (sports power) because these crap farmers are getting too much rewards...



Also flagged 2 other posts... Will come back later...


Def. don’t like spam comments.... flag away!

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uhh I flagged so much here like never before

How many times can you flag before it becomes ineffectual? Or is it a display thing? I was flashing before but it looked like after a couple it was doing nothing

Hey. Give it some time, I think the network is acting kinda laggy. Had the same issues a few days ago.

Will do. Oddly, on one it looked as if it went up?!

I swear this one was 2100 odd sports and I downvoted it to just over that amount and now it's 3000 odd. Very strange.


Shit. Same happened to me. I downvoted and it went up in rewards. Strange to say the least.

Weird isn't it? It didn't even go up by the amount it was downvoted by, it went up like by half the amount or something. Finely something amiss there

just had this problem the other way around.

Was upvoting a post and it got less rewards...

Yeek, that's not right!! I havent seen that thankfully;

Works the same as upvoting so depends on your voting power.

The flashing thing happens to me pretty regular here and it takes sometimes a couple of minutes till a upvote or downvote shows

Works the same as upvoting so depends on your voting power.

The flashing thing happens to me pretty regular here and it takes sometimes a couple of minutes till a upvote or downvote shows

Will wait a bit and see!

This is crazy. Maybe it was a bad idea to stake my sports? Will finally write a post about surfing this weekend. Need some more power to start flagging as well 😁

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staking SPORTS is always a good idea...probably...hopefully

Is it a display issue? I'm sure I completed the smash-down on that post this morning to take it to 0.

I see comments nearing payout have been hit by the @sportsmod account and suspect that these will be too closer to payout.

I downvoted a couple of comments as well down to 0.

The post still shows 11k

an account like nosports4u would be useful to tag in case of abuse and able to cancel the reward. is it possible to create it? in addition, a Discord Sportstalk channel would help better report abuse!

there is one going around now afaik

Well said mate. This is a well known abuser who needs banning from the platform. Unlike on Steemit where people cant be banned, on the SCOTS they can so I think that is the answer in serious abuse cases like this. There are a few people self upvoting comments so a warning then a ban is in order I think.
I will gomover and drop a few downvotes on him now

Edited to give you a bit of good news...

yeah I think at least a timeout would be good

Those are great news

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