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Upcoming changes to protect the distribution of PAL tokens for PoI mechanic -

The Moderator team, after some consideration, and after monitoring the chat activity wanted to release a new standard for the Proof of Interaction rewards mechanic, to be put into effect immediately.

What are we doing?

Recently, it became clear that people misunderstood the intention of this to reward discussion, not just simple messages. We need to adjust things to counter this.

The whitepaper stated simply:

"...awarded to community members who partake in discussions in Discord."

The style of chat that has become prevalent at times, due to this distribution of tokens, is actually serving to prevent more meaningful discussion when new or involved PAL members come in. They enter to find that the chat is a string of short, nonsense, or clearly spammy messages. Attempting to game the system means that the system needs to change a bit to help improve community engagement. We want people to be rewarded for chatting, not chatting for rewards.

The new standard is as follows:

Anyone in chat primarily for the purpose of farming PAL from the Proof of Interaction mechanic may be subject to a reduction in the receipt of those rewards. This determination will be based on demonstrated behavior and at the discretion of the Moderator team.

These reductions will be in the form of a 'nerf'

The term 'nerf' is defined as lowering rewards received by a percentage managed at the discretion of the Moderators. This will primarily come in the form of a 100% reduction (0% received).

These 'nerfs' can be reviewed after 7 days of demonstrating real conversation or interaction. Moderators will be glad to coach you on what this constitutes and ways to get more from chat in general.

The Moderators' decision in any of these actions is final, as this is the management of the community server, and in their primary job description.

Our intention is always to increase engagement, but we don't want to inspire people into treating the sending of messages as some sort of faucet. We will be looking at other methods to provide Proof of Interaction outside some of our current chat-monitoring methods.


We want people to be rewarded for chatting, not chatting for rewards.



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That is great to hear. And it will be good to see how this will work out i must say

can you please clarify if spamming nickelback memes will count as proof of interaction?

Depends. Since image posting doesn't register on our monitoring system, I doubt it will work. Fitting really, we consider posts with only an image as low effort, I guess chat is the same. :P

But we still love you and your misguided fandom.



that may make following convos a tad less cluttered.

The goal really is to make it more inviting for people to join in or at least follow along. Hasn't been much of an issue during western hemisphere prime hours, but the late nights there have seen some silly attempts to game the system. I suspect this won't be a thing much longer.

I suspect you are correct on that. Good nipping the behaviour quickly.

Should have heard the 30min of discussion in last night's meeting to determine how to nip it. We figured it out eventually.

Thank God

Excellent idea - one on my masternode coin's discord had a similar problem when they began to reward chatting in the discord. The top so many people were awarded the coin each week. You should have seen the BS comments traded back and forth nonstop by about 10 people. I quit monitoring the discord because it was stupid and no value at all to the masternode owners or investors.

I didn’t go look, so I’m only guessing what the result of chatting for rewards looked like.

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Nice. Will be interesting to see how this all evolves. Interesting to reward people for off platform chatting to begin with.

Agreed there have been a few times where it is questionable about the chat that goes on. I often wonder how many people drop in and then drop back out. But it is good to see some new faces and make connections on there. I have so far connected with about 15 people on there and through PM's after helping them with various questions on PALMM miners etc.