Could Someone Recommend Good Video Editing Software?

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I've taken quite some time off Steem the past couple of weeks, but I'm back and I'm having some ideas for video content. A couple of weeks ago, I was contacted by someone from the Dtube team to shoot a video for them in Dutch. Turns out, I quite liked doing that and it got me thinking that I should probably post some video content on my Steem blog as well.

Now, I don't have the slightest idea on how to edit videos and I wouldn't even know what the best video editing software would be for a beginner. So, I thought it would be interesting to hear from you guys, which piece of video editing software would best fit my needs.


I'm definitely willing to pay, just not huge amounts. Something that costs less than 100 Dollars or something that's free but still works great. I was looking at some of the prices of popular video editors, like Sony Vegas and Adobe Premiere, but those seem to be quite expensive. I was wondering if there was anything else that works almost as good?

Dtube or 3speak?

Then there's the question on which platform I should publish most of my videos... I see that a lot of people seem to have switched over to 3speak, I reckon the rewards are quite a bit higher if you're successful there.

I'm not entirely sure if I should completely write off Dtube though, they've been here for much longer and they're also coming out with a new platform. It would be nice to get some input on that as well!

I hope I can get these things sorted out soon, so that I can finally publish my very first video on the Steem blockchain! Also, you might just see me if Dtube releases their promo video for Dtube Forum 2020, look out for that!

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I have been posting on Dtube for ages and love it. They have always been good to me as far as quick and easy upload and smooth playback. There is a great group of folks over there like @tibfox that are very supportive and building a good community. I post there every day and I love it!

I use Vegas but got it for 25 bucks thru Humble Bundle but I checked just now and it is not available.

I looked at the open source Openshot. It looks good. I never tried it but I like using open source.

@old-guy-photos Thanks for mentioning me in such a kind way omg .. I am blushed ^^
and I absolutely agree with you man! I love DTube from the first minute o and for me personally there is no such platform.

@daan: I can 100% recommend you to heck out Davinci Resolve 16 - it is a very professional video editing suite with tons of functionality, great tutorials everywhere and they are developing like devils on speed.
They are so awesome that I have recently decided to pay the studio version for 300$ (one time - no sub) and a lot of premiere users are switching to davinci. Feel free to ask me anything if you have any question :)


That one looks very professional. I'll remember it if I ever need something more professional ;)

Hehehe but it is not as confusing as it seams :P

I got that same Humble Bundle and indeed, the code or link was removed when I checked it a couple of weeks later. I'll definitely give openshot a try though!

Did you check out Openshot? It is open source and pretty powerful. I am not sure it will do everything you want though. I can get you a url if you need me to. It is what I have been using on all of my lab machines now that Windows Movie Maker isn't as accessible as it used to be.

i'll try that one out first. I had heard of it, but thought it was only available on Linux. Maybe it was at first idk :)

I use ''Wondershare Filmora'' to edit my videos on pc and YouCut - Video editor on my android phone. But, again you will need sometimes some editors to reduce the size and I use for that Movavi Video Converter. I also use ''Backgroud eraser'' to create png ( or paint net on pc). Also there are some websites where you can create cool outlines text and those are and

If you need a good photo editor and that's free, I use Paint Net and you get get it for free from For phone I use ''Photo editor'' and sometimes Snapseed ( from google ).

I also recommend @romafedorov to learn from. He's really good at videography. I learned a lot of things from him !

@Steemhunt is a great source for finding new technology. You can search for what you're looking for on the Steemhunt site. I've found so many useful apps over there!

Someone recommended hitfilm express to me in my recent stream, haven't checked it out yet though.

Hey daan, I do not have the discord link of Steem-ninja, but I saw post you made some months ago about the mining of invites. I delegated some steem for more than one months, and I have not received any invites token. I am undelegating now anyway. I just wanna know why I have not received.

I use wondershare filmora for editing my videos and it's easy for me, for thumbnail I use snapseed and there are many other editing software available. Also, DaVinci resolve software is great for professional editing. I love dtube as a video sharing platform because right now it's so easy to share your youtube, other links there plus I have been into this platform for 1 year. So, I am in love with @dtube and obviously the main net is coming so I highly recommend Dtube...

@daan, In my opinion there is no Comparison between Dtube and Threespeak because both of them are unique and both are doing great job, most importantly both are spreading Empowerment.

I am not professional when it comes to Video Editing and don't use DSLR or other stuff. I make regular videos with my Smartphone and in my opinion and i have to say that Kinemaster Application really stand out when it comes to Smartphone.

Have a wonderful time ahead and stay blessed.

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iMovie. It’s free but you need a Mac. Easiest video editing software I’ve used. @alliedforces curate

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I've been a video creator and editor for the past couple of years. And I'm using one of the programs you just mentioned - Premiere Pro. I know it is expensive but it's the most professional one in my opinion and other than that I'm a Graphic Designer too, so couldn't step back from Adobe.

The funny part is that I'm actually searching for clients to work for, either video editing or different graphic arts. So if you are interested just let me know. You can also see examples of my video works on @dtube as that is the place where I'm posting my videos. :)

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Magix (previously Sony) Vegas Movie Studio is a lot cheaper version of Vegas pro. It is limited to only 10 videotracks at once (I think it is enough for most cases). The feel and look of app is essentially the same. Stable software, supports most file formats. I use it in work on a daily basis for 5-30min projects.