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After the many years of promises, the day finally arrived. Communities was finally rolled out, albeit in a beta form. There seems to be a little work to do but at least they are live.

Many noticed a change in the website. The notifications was activated along with Communities integrated into the site.

This is not the only website to go live with Communities. Steempeak also added the feature in its latest update. The team there added a number of updates including adding Badges to the site.


Communities is an important feature that is going to enable users of the site to better access they content they are interested in. The previous way Steem operated was for content simply to be a stream of articles, with little ability to search or filter. Communities will enable anyone to target what they are seeing by honing in on the specific topics.

At the same time, moderation is available. This will help to cut down on spam along with people cross posting into categories with little relevance. The goal is to have more of a "Reddit" feel and give more control to the user base.

With it live on both and Steempeak, it is only a matter of time before it can be implemented into the different Tribes. Since they were a fork of the software, the integration should not be all that difficult.

This is exciting news and a bit step forward.

On a different note, Justin Sun sent the world of Tron (and Steem) flying with his use of votes for their equivalent of the Witnesses. There were 3 applications voted in using the Tron Foundation stake.


This is something that many in the Steem community rightfully fear with Sun. Through the acquisition of Steemit Inc, he received around 50 million SP and an estimated 20M-25M liquid STEEM. This puts him in charge of the largest block in the ecosystem.

While Steem has more decentralization than Tron and Sun does not have a majority, it is still a healthy amount. To prevent his just asserting his wishes without any resistance (if that is his decision), the community needs to get out and vote.

Using the daily chart from @arcange, we can see there is enough SP to counter this.

The solution is for all to vote for the Witnesses.


As we can see, the Dolphins and Orcas control over 157,000 MVests. This is more than Sun's potential 75K. Here we see that these groups can vote their stake for at least the same 5 (minimum) Witnesses and offset that large stake.

This means that those 366 accounts can make a huge difference. Couple this with the over 2,000 Dolphin accounts and we can see how the community can come together.

The mantra needs to be "Vote. Vote. Vote.". We often tout the power of the Steem community, here is a prime example of where we all need to come together in defense of our independence.

There is more than enough Steem Power presently staked to offset the original Steemit Inc stake.

Steempeak is also doing its part in bring the awareness to the Steem Community. Part of the update is a "Did you Know" feature.


The Steempeak team has consistently shown who's corner they are in.

It is good to see what is unfolding. Steem is marching forward in a big way. The updates that are coming out only make the community and what Steem is offering stronger. There are always going to be challenges and threats from the outside. Innovation, development, and cohesiveness enable Steem to overcome whatever happens.

After a two year bear, we are not only still standing, but the platform is improving. This is something that not all can claim. Throughout that time, a core group of people kept plugging along putting Steem in some very strong hands. It is up to us to exercise that power.

Decentralization is not an instant result. It takes time to spread things out. As we can see, through the efforts of the Steempeak team, is not the only game in town. In fact, on many levels, Steempeak far surpassed that application.

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With Justin we have to take the good with the bad and like I say in Corporate America we just have to manage up.

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Yes he is a mixed blessing it appears. He is also a wild card that nobody can truly account for.

We will see how it unfolds.

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People talk about this like it suddenly could become centralized in terms of witness selections. Um, it already is. Basically 2 accounts dictate the Top 20 witnesses. Last time I checked there was only 1 Top 20 witness that wasn't getting a vote from one of those two. Change the number of witness votes per account to something like 5 votes and then we start seeing something.

I guess Justin Sun is just going to be an "unknown quantity" for a while, so the wise thing is to make sure we have an active "Plan B," including already being set up to counter those things we fear the most he might do...


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Steempeak has far surpassed the Steemit level in my eyes. One of the tough parts about the witness votes is I recently got a message to remove a vote I cast for mark, if I didn’t I would be downvoted. Threats like that are tough to deal with at the lower SP’s so I removed it so I wouldn’t be a target. There are battles internally that keep happening that should stop so we can focus on making sure the Sun stake doesn’t screw us.

That person is targeting so many others that you should not fear. He'll run out of downvoting power real quick if he tries to downvote everyone.

Ya, I didn’t have any special connection to mark, it just was an old vote. I just adjusted my votes to add most of the top 20 so I can do my part to ensure the chain doesn’t get hijacked by the stake like Sun just did on Tron.

Don't negotiate with terrorists. You vote for whomever you want to

I didn’t have a connection to mark so I’m not too set on having him as one of my votes. It is annoying that people try to intimidate others like that though.

I'm not saying you have to vote for him.. I'm just saying don't let anyone intimidate you into voting or not voting for whomever you want


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Don't negotiate with terrorists. You vote for whomever you want to

These threats are designed to spread cohesion. An account that threatens this may reduce "only" articles. He will not reach your personal SP and STEEM.

Spreads tension instead of cohesion for sure. I’m not into arguing and fighting with people on here so I said screw it, it’s not worth the hassle to me and removed it. Unfortunate that people are jerks like that tho.

It was an attempt to destabilize. It did not work out.

If this community tolerated abuse of our members like that we need to be sold down the river.

An attack on one is an attack on all.

Ya I was dismayed by the situation. There’s no need for such an attitude.

If decentralization isn't to fight censorship what is it good for? And in this regard what do you think will the role of communities be? positive or negative?

How can decentralization fight and wih with censorship @sweecee?

Decentralization has many other values, however censorship resistance is not it.

It is easier to censor a centralized outlet, as in television. It is not so easy to sensor 100,000 bloggers.

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Censorship resistance is really one of the main aspect of cryptos @crypto.piotr maybe you are trying to push some regulations favorable to your own interests? Why have redundant system if isn't not to be censorship resistant? ever heard the classical bitcoin speech? Uncensorable Transactions? immutable? etc? no??? what the fuck are you doing here? brain injury or what?

@metzli thank you to bring back sanity and an easy to understand example :). the problem is once the 100.000 bloggers use all the same system, for example those doing clandestine paper distribution in the street are harder to censor in cctvfree zone than digital blogger... that's true decentralization, but you know it :).

have a nice day !

however centralized outlet have the advantage to be easier to take over, for example with analogue tv, you get the station, you get your message out :). with digital...

who can make it's own cpus, mainboards, ram etc? very hard... to be really independant / reliant / and safe :).

you know the "air gap" gig :).

have a nice day.

Uncensorable Transactions? immutable? etc? no??? what the fuck are you doing here? brain injury or what?

I only read your awful and unpleasent comment just now and I surely do not appreciate it.

No wonder your account has been marked as a spammer.

you are so virtuous...

Hi again @metzli

Can I ask you for little favour? I joined contest called "Community of the week" with project I manage and I would be grateful if you could RESTEEM it and help me get some exposure and drop some encouraging comment :)

Link to my post: on steemit or on steempeak

Thanks :)
Yours, Piotr

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

As we can see, the Dolphins and Orcas control over 157,000 Steem Power.

It's 157000MVest = 80M SP.

Thank you for the catch @jacekw. I wasnt thinking....

Amending post.

hi @taskmaster4450

I've read that unwanted users can be muted from posting within our communities. However I'm not sure how to do that (while using Any idea?

Yours, Piotr

I am not sure it is a community feature or was just added.

On Steempeak, I see you can mute users.

Click on the username and go to profile page...then go to Actions in the upper right...there are three on that and the second one down is Mute.

I am not sure if there is something that is applicable only in the Community but it seems like it is for the entire site.

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Upvoted 👌 (Mana: 0/3 - need recharge?)

Dolphins and orcas 157K does not double JS’s 75M stake. Maybe I’m reading that wrong and it should be 157M?

He made a simple mistake. Dolphins and Orcas have 157 million put together, which is what he meant.

Ah got it! Thanks for clarifying

Maybe we should check who of the orcas is not witness voting and do some shaming? =P

Or simple reminding?

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@taskmaster4450, In my opinion TRON Witness Voting already showcased how so called Decentralised Witness System turned into Centralised Witness System in one moment and with one vote.

But in my opinion our Witnesses are in the Action Mode from the point of actual Steemit Inc Acquisition news and tried to see this situation from all the Corners. In my opinion this time Slogan of Steem is, Steem Is Not Steemittron.

Have a blessed time ahead. 🙂

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Excellent sentiment again. I am going to take some time to refresh and fill my list of witness votes. I haven’t done it in a while which is and issue but the timing is right to make sure there is balance.

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I have been using the marlians site for the most part as I think their ulog is the best thing on the blockchain. I will still be using the marlians tag and I will still be using it to curate ulogs, but I am moving over to steamspeak as my main squeeze and will be buying up their tokens. I bought a few when steem-engine started but I have a measly 7 - when I have so many more in other tribes.

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I don't have a big holding but want to atleast vote for the right witnesses. Can you compile a list of recommendations.

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