Quick Plug For My Introduce Yourself Community

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We now see Steemit.com releasing the long-awaited community feature!

I'd like to invite anyone looking to introduce themselves to join my introduce yourself community:

Introduce Yourself Community

The purpose of this community is to help the process of others meeting you on Steem!

As a Steemian my sole purpose of being in this community for so long is the thought of communities being build on the Steem blockchain. The day has finally arrived!

Have you created a community yet?

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Does this mean we're finally out of the Beta version now?

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Sure seems that way!

It was a long wait....a very long wait.

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I agree! just glad its hear.

Wellll hmmm nice dude..

Thanks brother! you enjoying the communities?

Well its fun and all... I am part of dcooperation and powerhousecreatives...


I wish there was an easier way to actually interact with said communitys only.. Like a list where you can view onky those community posts.. I know you can find the posts through ghe hive tags and stuff... But its all a bit complicated for newbies.. Or am I wrong?

You see these tabs now in your profile?


If you just want to see community posts only you would just go to the "post" tab.

Of course, specific communities in the "communities" tab.