Were'd the feed go?

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This is my first post after this communities rollout thingamajig and there doesn't seem to be a feed anymore on Steemit.com. Having a hard time even spending my upvotes because I can't even seem to view what my followers have written today. Anyone else having this problem?

In any case, this new Steemit.com isn't exactly 100% intuitive and now I find myself using the Steemleo feed and creating this post on that frontend. It really is pretty crazy how many options we have when it it comes to frontends for the Steem blockchain. The whole Steemit != Steem mantra will only continue to shine through as more and more dapps connect to the blockchain.

Well it's a confusing time for everyone for more than one reason. I don't have much to say today other than I guess I'll be figuring some stuff out over the next few days... or waiting for Steemit Inc to work the bugs out of this weird rollout.

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Move to Steempeak. Much more intuitive.

This was such a weird update to steemit.
They made everything cutsie... and moved things around, and put the least used things in the easiest to click places.

Makes me wonder if the developers use STEEM

Ah good well at least someone agrees it's weird.

In reality is the same as before if you deal with the URL
To see your feed just go on https://steemit.com/@edicted/feed
or click on "community" and then on "friends"

I haven't been here in a while so I was EXTREMELY confused by this new layout and talk of communities. Guess I have some reading and poking around to do.

You can click on the Steemit logo and then load your feed/friends from there but there’s no good reason for Friends to not be in the drop down at the upper right with everything else.

Definitely! It seems like steemit.com wants steem users to use other dapps for login steem blockchain or accessing the blockchain anyways it a good development even though most of the users might find it difficult to use at the moment because of minor bugs and change in U I

Definitely a little learning curve on there 🙈

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Hm yeah... I swear it was bugged earlier today... either that I just wasn't receptive to the changes... logged off to complain about it till now :D. Seems to be working fine now though.

xD to be fair, I don’t remember it being on the beta

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Feed is replaced with my Communities all posts from your subscribe Communities and users you follow now is under my Communities tab

Instead you can try @esteemapp to get feed feature

JK found the "friends" tab thing. I swear that wasn't here earlier today :D

?Friends?...I was like what friends, I don't personally know these people. It still feels a bit weird to click on it, I refer to it as blogships. Even on FB it's extremely rare I friend someone I don't know. Not that I hadn't back in the beginning but soon found digging through tons of post to actually find real life friends was a daunting task. But yeah at first I was like you, where'd everything go? how will I figure this out? if I click on this what will happen? will I ever see the usual fellow bloggers again? if I click on this community thing will I find anybody I know? what if somebody is in that group who doesn't like me? how will that effect the standing among the other community members?....a whole host of fifty questions, think how relieved I was when I finally found the courage to click on friends and found everything listed there that disappeared.

I'm sticking with @steem.leo for awhile for posting. !BEER

Yup, Im hanging on to the "alternate" sites as well. Steemleo, Marlians, and Steampeak

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