Good moderation can finally overcome spam!

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Single Comment Mute - Should provide a public reason

Complete mute from community

I'm so glad we finally have tools to hide comments from spammers in our own communities. This is such a good thing. No, this isn't censorship, the comment is still just as there and waiting to be read, but I have hidden it so that less people will see it.

I hope that communities will moderate well so that we can have lovely clean comment sections, as it was so nice to know that I could do something to counter these spammers.


we need good/ wise mods in each community

Yeah, me, I'm 1000% trustworthy and responsible 😂

Nice, thanks! Makes me feel like despite the weird events there's something good going on in this place.

Same. Was so happy to see this.

And here's some beer to keep you moderating at your best. !BEER


Could you do a tutorial on how to generate and engage the custom json shown, for us noob community admins?